Session overview

BDA Live - two full days packed with lectures, workshops, research, networking and more - find on what you missed!

BDA Staff and Council members have provided session overviews on what happened at BDA Live!


Breakout Session

British Fruit Juice Association hosted moments that matter, the session was hosted by Helen Bond RD

In the mind of the consumer there is confusion over fruit juices which are likened to sugar-sweetened beverages. Meanwhile the benefits of fruit juices and their contribution to 5-a-day has been ignored. In this session, consumer consumption data, the SACN report and observational studies were drawn on to challenge these misconceptions and clarify the facts.

  • Fruit juice is not a major contributor to sugar in the UK diet
  • One portion fruit juice (150ml) is a convenient, affordable and palatable way of taking one of your 5-a-day
  • Fruit juices contain water (90%) and important nutrients such as vitamins C, K and folate as well as phytochemicals
  • Fruit juice consumers tend to have lower BMI and waist circumference

Wednesday PM Plenary Session

Hannah Pearse, Head of Nutrition and Scientific Affairs at Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD) provided an enlightening presentation entitled, ‘Helping people to understand front of pack nutrition information’. IGD wants to help and inspire shoppers to use nutrition labels to make healthier food choices. Research shows that shoppers are confused and sceptical about food labelling. Shoppers want consistent use of information on labels, they want a short cut with clear, easy to read and interpret information on the front of pack – they don’t look at the small numbers at the back of pack. Hannah highlighted the resources available on the IGD website, including downloadable guides and toolkit.

The Dragon's Den of functional foods: what is the value of functional foods and what role do they play in helping people’s lives

A panel discussion provided a lively and entertaining yet extremely thought-provoking finale to day one of BDA Live. Four panellists in true Dragon’s Den style pitched their views on functional foods and the audience then voted for their preferred scenario.

The panellists Anthony Warner, Dr Giles Yeo, Jens Bleiel and Dr Carrie Ruxton RD.  

Anthony’s pitch was his concern we are living lives alone in a crowd. He deemed functional foods to encourage individualised diets which bring us away from social eating and result in loneliness, social isolation which in turn leads to increasing health problems. Giles evoked many laughs when he presented his ‘Food to Poo Tool’ to describe function foods roles in satiety and altering transit time. Jens pitch stimulated us to consider the importance of the food matrix plus lifestyle rather than focusing on functional foods for health benefits. And finally, Carrie provided us with clear definitions of functional foods plus the sound scientific evidence base and practical interpretation of how such foods when appropriately used can prevent deficiency, optimise health and prevent disease. Carrie was the outright winner in the first round but after some discussion and debate the audience re voted and Carrie and Jens tied! 

Thursday AM Plenary Session

 Thoughts of the session chair Debbie Provan

Thursday morning's plenary session was testament to the varied expertise which exists amongst our profession. It also demonstrated the breadth of opportunities which are open to the Dietitians brave enough to seek them out or create them! Whilst this may require us to think differently about our curriculum and CPD offer/choices, it is clearly an exciting time which is ripe for innovation and diverse leadership.

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