Elsie Widdowson Lecture 2016 - Dr Clare Shaw

The 2016 edition of the Elsie Widdowson Lecture was presented by Dr Clare Shaw, Consultant Dietitian, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. 

Clare presented Dietetics and Oncology: A Brief History of Time. The lecture covered, advances in healthcare have changed the way people are supported in sickness and in health.  Dr Shaw used her own experience of Dietetics in oncology to illustrate how the science of food and nutrition, underpinned by clinical research, has shaped dietetic practice so far.   A look into the science of future gives a glimpse of tomorrow’s oncology dietitian.

The lecture was recorded and available to view here and on the BDA YouTube Channel.

About Clare Shaw

Dr Clare Shaw is Consultant Dietitian at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Clare is Consultant Dietitian and Therapy Research Lead and has specialised in working with oncology patients for over 20 years.   She completed her PhD in 2003 and since then has led on a wide range of research in nutrition and therapies.  More recently her clinical work has focused on working with patients who have late gastrointestinal effects following treatment for cancer in a specialised outpatient setting.

Outside her work at The Royal Marsden she is on the Clinical Advisory Board for Macmillan, a national UK cancer charity.  She is a committee member of the BDA Oncology Group has recently been appointed to the European Specialist Network of Dietitians Oncology which is part of the European Federation of the Association of Dietitians (EFAD). She has published research articles, review articles and a text book entitled Nutrition and Cancer.  Clare is author of a number of cookery books, the latest being the Royal Marsden Cancer Cookbook published in 2015.