2017 - Joyce Thompson

The 2017 edition of the Elsie Widdowson Lecture was presented by Joyce Thompson, RD BSc, MPH, Dietetic Consultant in Public Health Nutrition at NHS Tayside.

Joyce presented on realism in nutrition and dietetics and discussed that the UK is dominated by considerations of malnutrition (undernutrition & obesity) and the complex interplay between poverty and food security. A public health approach is necessary. How can we as clinical dietitians, be influential in improving nutritional wellbeing at scale and ultimately, be true to the values and ambitions we held when we entered the profession?

The lecture was recorded and will be available to view here and on the BDA YouTube Channel shortly.

The lecture was recorded and available to view here and on the BDA YouTube Channel.

About Joyce

In 1983, Joyce began her clinical career with Highland Health Board and subsequently became the nutrition and dietetic manager for Angus unit (Tayside). Joyce spent two years on secondment at the postgraduate nutrition and dietetic centre in Aberdeen prior to taking up post in 2004 as NHS Tayside's dietetic consultant for public health nutrition.

Joyce has the responsibility for leading on the development, implementation and evaluation of a strategic and multi-agency approach to public health and clinical nutrition. She is also the lead clinician for the Tayside nutrition managed clinical network and the professional dietetic lead for NHS Tayside. Joyce is also the BDA Constituency Member for Scotland.

Joyce was interviewed for the inspiring interviews coverage in Dietetics Today

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