BDA Vision 2017

Vision headerOn Thursday 30 March 2017, we hosted BDA Vision in Birmingham City Centre.

The programme aimed to address what we can do today to plan for the future of dietetics. We heard from a range of speakers and case studies from what is already going on in dietetic and the wider healthcare environment.

The day was full of inspiring individuals and inspirational talks. The future of dietetics is shaping up to be diverse!

The speakers provided an overview and case studies of what is already happening and how the dietetic workforce can be a part it - we must never stop engaging, we need a constant presence and impact at local and national level highlighting what we dietitians can contribute to transform the health and wellbeing of the nation.  We have to grab this opportunity, we have the profile, we have the skills, we can unlock doors and lead the way.  

The day was all about what we can do now to to plan the future of dietetics: considering the past and present, and how we can learn and adapt for the challenges yet to come.

This is the time for dietitians to have a voice!

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What is the Future Dietitian 2025 project

The presentations from BDA Vision are available to BDA members.

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