What was said ...

A few comments from the attendees ...

It was a good chance to hear a wide spectrum of views and also an poortunity to add our own voice to the discussion for future planning

NHS Employee

A great opportunity to learn more about the future of student education.

Self funded attendee

Long overdue and incredibly helpful. I have really missed these national meetings and the opportunities for sharing experiences and networking. Please do it again!

University representative

From a student’s perspective, the BDA’s Education Forum day was eye-opening. I witnessed the dedication and time given over to dietetic education and training.  Throughout this busy day, experts discussed a broad range of areas such as, MScs, dietetic apprentices and new education curriculums.

There are vast amounts of careers out there for dietitians (including public health, NHS and education – to name a few!) and this forum interestingly focused on potentially new and emerging opportunities for the profession and students; for example, broadening the types of placements available for students. Such discussions brought excitement to the room as many novel ideas were brought to the table – so watch this space!

Dietetic education today has itself many challenges, which gives us even more reason to shout louder and prouder as a profession and to employ leadership skills through student education and post-registration education.

BDA Student Representative, Emma Langan

My ‘take home messages’ are that we need to look at very different ways of maintaining CPD by making use of blended learning, webinars with a facility to access afterwards for those unable to attend live-time, more e-modules perhaps produced  by our specialist group. We must also invest in ourselves and be more proactive in accessing opportunities to pursue Masters and PhD programmes.  And to make us fit for the future? We need to expand into more innovative placements outside of the traditional NHS model and an ethos that developing evidence based practice is a continuum and is everyone’s responsibility.   

BDA Honorary Chair - Sian O'Shea

Dietetic ‘clinical’ placements are constantly evolving, and although clinical competences must be met, other areas of the profession are also essential. Learning about these opportunities, as a student, is inspiring as the focus of learning is usually around medicine and diet therapy - there are some great placements already happening around the UK. The benefits of post-graduate and post-registration education were discussed in groups, and it was nice to see the variety of suggestions inspired by one of the many speakers. University educators spoke around the challenges of pre-registration education, including the ongoing challenge of ‘shouting’ about Dietetics, how we market ourselves, and how dietitians are perceived by the general public. The use of social media in dietetics was highlighted, and how both students and registered dietitians should be supporting the profession online.

BDA Student Member, Lily Piper, Coventry University