Poster displays

At Dietitians shaping the future of Scotland’s health, 40 posters were on display. These were submitted under the three event themes.

The top three posters were awarded to;

  1. Cook Your Own Takeaway - Authors Gail Brown, Liz Toal, Elspeth Ryan and Fiona MacDonald, NHS Fife
  2. Extended Scope of Dietetic Practice in the Management of Enteral Tube Feeding and Associated Cost Efficiencies - Authors Paula Young and H. Blackwood, NHS Fife
  3. National Scottish audit reviewing dietetic service provision for patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) on behalf of the Scottish Dietitians Leadership Network (SDLN) - Authors Mairead Keegan, Lynsey Robinson and Michelle Wardrop

Wiley provided the winner of the poster displays with a BDA publication of their choice. To view the full range of manuals and book series publications, please refer to the pages on the website.

Authors have been invited to submit their posters and are available to view below.

Dietitians as Innovators

Name Abstract Title
Annika Baird Introducing new measures on an acute stroke unit to significantly improve hydration and renal status in the first two weeks of admission: a re-audit
Gail Brown Learning Disability Takeaway Cookbook
Gail Brown Multi-Disciplinary learning disability Dysphagia Pathway
Leona Courtney Does dietetic input improve diabetic control in those with type two diabetes on glucagon-like peptide-1 analogues
Heather Donald Benefits of a group support for completion of Flying Start and learning on practice
 Jane Dudgeon Development of core and specific competencies for Band 3 Dietetic Support Workers
Janie Gordon Scottish Dietetic leadership network: Professional practice, leadership and development within the Dietetic Profession
Mairead Keegan National Scottish audit reviewing dietetic service provision for patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) on behalf of the Scottish Dietitians leadership Network (SDLN)
Alana MacDonald A new dietetic role within Child and Adolescent Mental health: the development and audit of dietetic care pathways for non-eating disorders patients
Sheena MacDonald Diabetes Foot Screening - using data and extended roles to motivate change
Alison Macleod Trained primary care staff can deliver earlier, evidence-based care to manage simple suspected non-ige mediated cow's milk protein allergy closer to home
Jill Malcolm The Kingdom Weight Challenge: A team Approach to Adult Healthy Weight
Marysia Maxwell Raising the profile of nutrition in paediatric intensive care: the role of the computerised patient information system
Jenifer Moffat Pilot study of barriers and facilitators of using the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST) in care home settings.
Evelyn Newman Preparing a dietetic workforce for the future
Carole Noble Redesigning the Community Dietetic record card improves the recording of dietetic quality measures
Treasa Ody The impact of the low FODMAP diet on the dietetic management of patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Debbie Provan The effectiveness of weight management in cancer survivors
Lynsey Robinson Improving Diagnosis and Management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Elspeth Ryan Transfer of care of Home Enteral Tube Feeds (HETF) from Paediatric Service to Adult
Joanna Teece AHPScot Blog. Using Social media as an innovative way to raise Dietitians profile. A personal experience
Paula Young Extended Scope of Dietetic practice in the Management of Enteral Tube Feeding and Associated Cost efficiencies

Supporting and Empowering service users and carers

Name Abstract Title
Annika Baird A successful example of coproduction within renal services
Fraser Breed Investigating what people supporting those fed via an enteral feeding tube want from support services
Carol Franks Metabolic Surgery as a Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes
Catherine Hankey What would help with lifestyle and weight management pre-conceptually? A survey of all women and partners awaiting assisted conception at a Scottish Regional Centre.
Deborah Kirby Self-referral to Dietetics in Argyll and Bute CHP NHS Highland - Supporting self-management
Linda Lawson Streamlining renal Dietetic documentation by having a Clearer Procedure for Managing renal referrals and therefore Increasing Dietetic Clinical time
Sheena MacDonald Diabetes Dietitian to pump Educator
Alison Macleod Child and Family Centred, multidisciplinary care in the Management of Coeliac Disease Enables Adherence in Children and Young People
Debbie Provan An introduction to the use of supported self-management in day case chemotherapy patients
Debbie Provan Transforming Care After Cancer in Ayrshire and Arran
Debbie Provan Patient and carer stories as an educational tool
Debbie Provan End of treatment summaries: local impact in Ayrshire and Arran
Debbie Provan Using patient experience and feedback to improve attendance at health and well-being clinics
Laura Stewart Evidence based outcomes for the Paediatric Overweight service Tayside (POST)
Mairi Wotherspoon Patients views of the effectiveness of a Weight inclusive approach to a specialist dietetic intervention


Promoting Nutrition and Dietetic workplace health initiatives

Name Abstract Title
Vicki Bennett Promoting nutrition initiatives in a workplace setting
Lynsey Robinson Delivery of a Work Ready initiative with social care colleagues
Karen France Staff weight management sessions at Western Isles Hospital