Northern Ireland Satellite

HeaderFollowing the first Satellite Symposium held at Ulster University in 2016 we look forward to hosting the symposoum again this year.

Join us again at Jordanstown Campus on Wednesday 29 November 2017 for another great day profilling the research in Northern Ireland.

Abstract submission is open in all five streams until 8am on Monday 28 August.

Cost to submit/attend are; 

  • BDA member - £10.00
  • BDA student member - £5.00
  • Non member - £25.00

The 2017 symposium has five main streams but no abstract will be rejected based on theme, the streams for 2017 are;

  1. Clinical Nutrition, including malnutrition.
  2. Public Health, including freelance and industry.
  3. New to Research, including MRes and PhD research.
  4. Paediatric – supported by Paediatric Specialist Group. Bursaries are available
  5. Service Evaluation.

Submit your abstract now

Organised in partnership with Ulster University and BDA Northern Ireland Branch.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on or 0121 200 8080.

Submitting an abstract 

Submit your abstract now

The abstract submission process is open to everyone and no abstract will be rejected on the basis of topic.

For details on how to submit an abstract please refer to the section below on 'Submitting an abstract' and 'How to prepare an abstract for submission'.

To submit an abstract, please read the abstract instruction document and JHND NOTES and abstract example.

Register your abstract using the online booking system and upload your abstract submission. If you have any problems with the online booking system please contact or call 0121 200 8080 and we will send you the manual booking form.

How to prepare an abstract for BDA events

Authors should follow the guidelines in the abstract instruction document.  Further information on conference abstracts can be found on JHND NOTES the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics Editor’s blog.

The abstracts are judged anonymously using the judging criteria and  peer reviewers guidance.

Guidance for peer reviewers

Peer reviewers and authors may find the reviewer guidance helpful. Further information on peer review can be found on JHND NOTES the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics Editor’s blog