You are invited by Quorn Foods to join them alongside Tim Finnigan for the role of evidence based nutrition research to remove uncertainty.

What will the talk discuss?

A sustainable food future can only be assured if we increase the diversity of protein choices in our diets and embrace healthy new proteins with a low environmental impact. Using the Quorn story as an example, this session will look at the scientific research agenda that has helped establish mycoprotein across 17 countries worldwide and the current challenges involved in creating a robust evidence base that can withstand critical scrutiny, advance understanding and so remove or address uncertainty.

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Who is Tim Finnigan?

Tim believes that we can no longer separate our food choices from their impact on our health and the environment and that we need healthy new proteins with a low environmental impact as an important tool to help assure a sustainable food future. Tim’s focus is to understand how diets rich in mycoprotein can make important contributions that advance overall understanding supportive of this ambition.

Tim is a Ph.D. graduate of the Food and Biosciences faculty of the University of Reading and has held innovation roles in UK government food research, Kraft General Foods, APV, RHM, AstraZeneca and Premier Foods as well as currently acting as Chief Scientific Adviser to the Quorn Foods business.

Tim designs and directs fast-paced products and  scientific research and innovation through high performing teams. Tim has been instrumental in the product and technology innovation programs that have helped to establish Quorn Foods as the world’s leading sustainable protein business.