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This must-attend event provides delegates with an understanding of the requirements of SENR portfolio submission.

The ​day offers an ​understanding ​of ​the ​requirements ​of ​SENR ​portfolio ​submission. ​A ​practical ​'how ​to' ​for ​prospective ​practitioner ​registrants, ​including how ​to ​develop ​the ​personal ​statement ​and ​case ​study ​(practical ​do's ​and ​don'ts), guiding ​them ​through ​the ​SENR ​portfolio ​requirements ​including mapping ​to ​the ​SENR ​competencies, ​how ​to ​evidence ​these ​and ​identifying ​any ​gaps ​before ​registration.

The ​day ​will ​include ​opportunities ​to ​chat ​to ​senior ​members ​of ​the ​SENR ​team ​about your portfolio ​as ​well ​as ​networking ​with ​peers ​from ​within ​the ​profession.

The ​SENR ​portfolio ​development ​workshop ​is ​a ​compulsory ​element ​of ​the ​submission ​process ​for ​Practitioner ​Registration.

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14 May 2020

SENR Portfolio Workshop

Leeds Training

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