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Mrs Joleen Sutcliffe

BSc (Honours) Dietetics (1st class)
Contact address:
SUTTON COLDFIELD, Birmingham, West Midlands, England
+44 7528 277253
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My Expertise

I am an experienced registered paediatric dietitian specialising in supporting parents to manage their child's suspected or confirmed cow's milk protein allergy.

I am able to offer prompt support with milk elimination, milk-free weaning, prescription milk and milk reintroduction when the time is right. I can liaise with your GP and allergy team to bring together the right management plan for your child and ultimately get them settled and symptom-free.

I am also able to support with the following:

  • infant feeding and growth monitoring
  • weaning
  • reflux and colic
  • cow’s milk protein allergy, milk-free diet, breastfeeding advice and reintroduction
  • multiple food allergies or intolerances, e.g. lactose intolerance
  • symptom investigation through elimination and reintroduction diets, e.g. eczema, diarrhoea, constipation
  • weight loss or difficulty gaining weight

Cost of consultations

Please contact me for individual consultation prices. I also offer a cow’s milk protein allergy package.