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Mrs Oksana Rozponczyk

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Anasko Med Clinic
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Lincoln, UK, England
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Hello! Let's get to know each other
My name is Oksana Rozpończyk, and I'm a Registered Clinical Dietitian & Nutritionist in the United Kingdom. I gained many years of experience in nutrition medicine in renowned hospitals and private clinics in London and Cambridge.
My motto is: “Health is the greatest human value. That's why it's worth taking care of them every day!" 
I'm a passionate Dietitian, eager to contribute to the success of my patients through hard work, attention to detail and excellent organisational and communication skills. Passionately helping people to improve their health naturally is a total honour and my dream job.
Thanks to my work and studies in London, I gained specialist knowledge in nutrition medicine: metabolism, weight control, obesity, malnutrition, thyroid, diabetes, nephrology (kidney), neurology and oncology.
My mission is to provide high treatment standards out of concern for your safety - HELPING YOU ACHIEVE OPTIMAL HEALTH THROUGH NUTRITION & LIFESTYLE.
I understand the needs and expectations of my patients well. I'm motivated to learn, develop and improve myself in nutritional medicine. Recently, I have been focusing on weight management, sports nutrition and fertility medicine.
I feel inspired and motivated to take the time to advance nutritional medicine and contribute to the health and well-being of patients. I invite you to familiarise yourself with my profile and take advantage of consultations in my clinic, e.g., nutritional education for companies and specialised individual diet therapy.