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Tai Ibitoye

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London, England
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Tai Ibitoye has years of experience working within the NHS, public health organisations, non-government organisations, academia and research.

One of her roles as a Dietitian is to use the most up-to-date evidence-based information and research on nutrition to help individuals manage conditions and optimise their health and nutrition. Tai specialises in nutrition support for adults, public health, weight management, women’s health and afro-caribbean diets.

She is involved in ongoing research, one of which is looking at factors that affect appetite and dietary intakes among the UK elderly population. Prior to this, she was involved in an interesting public health study, which investigated the prevalence of “less healthy” food advertisements near schools in a London borough in view of the high rates of childhood obesity in the UK. This study gained a lot of interest, and she had the opportunity to present findings at the Houses of Parliament and at the University of Warwick for the Annual Public Health England conference in 2019. Abstract for this study is found in the Journal of Human Nutrition & Dietetics.

When she is not assessing individuals, giving dietary advice or doing research, she is either making delicious recipes or writing for different online magazines and news forum. She has written nutrition-related articles for The Conversation, which is an independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community. She has also contributed to articles for BBC Food, Women’s Health Magazine UK, Stylist Magazine, Huffington Post and more. 

Tai is often invited to speak at events and conferences across London that focus on improving the wellbeing of young people – particularly those from black and minority ethnic groups and provides ethnic-specific nutrition advice and information. She has also created resources and guides on healthy eating and Afro-Caribbean diets for local health organisations and charities for instance she created this information for Heart UK on Heart healthy African & Caribbean diets.

She likes exploring her creative side and entwining this with her knowledge in research and nutrition to create detailed yet light-hearted infographics that everyone can understand and relate to. She posts these on her Instagram account (@taitalksnutrition). The main aims of her Instagram are to debunk common myths and misconceptions on diet and nutrition and provide general public health advice.

Tai’s role as a Dietitian is very multifaceted, no two days are the same for her. However, in all she does, she uses her different skill sets to help people make appropriate food and lifestyle choice tailored to their health, nutritional, social and cultural needs.