Dietitian Approved charity recipe e-book

Dietitians Approved Front Cover

Dietitian Approved is a downloadable e-book with over 25 recipes created by a group of freelance Dietitians with a wide range of expertise but a common love of food!

The idea for the book came about one day when a group of dietitians decided they wanted to do something to raise some money to help those UK families in need. Since dietitians are all about food, what's better than to produce a simple, family friendly collection of healthy recipes? People who buy a copy will be helping support a family in need whilst feeding their own. A simple gesture that “pays it forward”.

All the recipes are genuine “go to” meals that the dietitians prepare for their families. The authors  decided not to include any nutrition analysis in the recipe book, believing that food doesn’t always have to be broken down into nutrients and calorie counts and that meal times should just be enjoyed with family or friends.

The BDA was pleased to support this initiative and launch the e-book during Dietitians Week 2019.

Click the button below to download the e-book through SendOwl for £3.99 (all proceeds going to the Trussell Trust).