Case studies

Older_People_DW_2018Improving nutrition for older people through teaching and research

Awareness of sarcopenia is important as we lose our muscle mass and strength at a faster rate as we get older, and this can have consequences such as an impaired immune system, greater risk of falls and reduced quality of life as well as an increased risk of overall morbidity and mortality. 

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Vitamin_D_DW_2018Making Every Contact Count to promote Vitamin D uptake

Specialist Paediatric Dietitian Nicole Rothband makes every contact count in her weekly Paediatric allergy clinic by informing all parents and carers of the updated SACN advice on Vitamin D. 

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Secure_Uni_Pic_gym_DW_2018Prevention in a forensic secure service

Those with serious mental illness are likely to die 20 years younger than the general population due to preventable illnesses. The rates of overweight and obesity are also higher than the national average, with 44% of her service-users being obese. 

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Case study 4 Recipe_book

Working with a national retailer to provide public health nutrition advice

The meal plan was included to get readers to see the bigger picture about how some planning and a little forethought can reduce food waste and save them money in the process.

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Case Study 5 Fire Engine 250 x 125Working with the fire service as part of the wider public health workforce

Ruth worked to develop a process that would allow firefighters to identify under- and over-nutrition and dehydration, and then signpost people to appropriate support. This could include local community cafes, or weight reduction services. 

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Case study Faith communitiesWorking with faith communities to promote nutrition and wellness

Chronic illnesses related to poor diet are particularly prevalent amongst the black African-Caribbean community, so Food for Purpose has been running roadshows in South East London for faith leaders as a means to spread healthy eating messages.

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Case study Manchester Case Study Pic 250 x 125Reducing childhood obesity in Manchester by using better growth information to provide more timely feedback and support

This detailed information helps to identify trends that in turn allow dietitians and other healthcare professionals to support families of children most at risk of weight related illness before they occur.

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Case study Foodbank Using dietetic skills to help the vulnerable foodbank users.

Dietitian Hazel Riggall is one of a number of dietitians who volunteer their time to a foodbank. Hazel works with the United Reform Church in Sutton Coldfield as part of their Food 4 U community project.

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Allergy Foods 250 x 125Providing tailored public health information for parents of children with allergies

Studies such as LEAP and EAT have led to changes in the recommendations about introducing certain know allergy foods, such as peanuts and egg, and the group were keen to ensure that patients had the right information to ensure they reduced their child’s risk.

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Case study Energy Drinks 250 x 125Using research to inform public health debate and policy making

Collaborative research looked at what influenced children and young people to drink energy drinks. It found that children have strong brand awareness and are attracted by the affordability and widespread availability of these products.

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Case study Mind What You Eat 250 x 125Mind What You Eat: Early Intervention in Psychosis

There is good evidence showing people with a serious mental illness are at much higher risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancers, plus life expectancy is reduced by 20 years. However, by helping people earlier in their illness we can promote both mental and physical health recovery. 

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Case study MDT working older people 250 x 125Multidisciplinary working to improve health and prevent malnutrition in older people

They make every contact count by sparking conversations about their eating and drinking and taking action early to prevent deterioration in nutritional status regardless of their formal screening result. 

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Blood Test ImageMove Away from Prediabetes - helping to prevent the development of type 2 diabetes 

The award winning MAP programme uses the skills of dietitians to help drive behaviour change through one to one and group nutrition education and exercise sessions. 

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Eating disorders– altering communication to increase engagement and promote recovery

Sharleen Woods describes how she used her communication and behaviour change skills to help a child with an eating disorder to recover and gain weight 

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Picture of surgeons operating

Prehabilitation for major abdominal cancer surgery

For people facing major surgery for cancer, effective dietetic interventions can prevent complications and improve recovery times. Dietitian Judith Ashcroft describes the multidisciplinary “prehabilitation” programme of which she is a part.

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Picture of two critical care bedsEvery dietitian can do prevention

As Critical Care Specialist Group Member Louise Albrich explains, not only do critical care dietitians do prevention, they do all kinds.

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Case study Manchester Case Study Pic 250 x 125

A new online tool raise awareness invisible obesity epidemic

Dietitian Sarah Vince-Cain is part of the team behind NHS CHAMP, a unique child measurement programme based in Greater Manchester that uses data to help understand and target children at risk of weight related illnesses. 

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AHPs into Action Case Studies

A number of case studies from AHPs Into Action programme also servce as great examples of how dietitians do prevention.

Physio in hospitalWorking with early years education settings to inspire children and families to lead healthier lifestyles

The award winning Family Food First campaign worked to

 encourage families with young children in Luton to adopt healthier lifestyles in order to reduce the burden of diseases such as obesity and tooth decay.

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childs teeth

‘Eat, Drink, Move!’ Supporting people to keep well during hospital admission

Working with physiotherapists, dietitians introduced a programme to maintain nutrition and mobillity in patients amitted to hospital to s

peed recovery and reduce risk of issues such as pressure sores, facilitating quicker discharge. 

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