14 days to Instagram

Day 1. Instagram is designed to be used on a smartphone. To get started, download the app, make an account and update our bio and profile picture.

Day 2. Post your first picture - interesting, colourful photos of people or food are always popular on Instagram. 

Day 3. Follow us @bda_dietitians send us a direct message to let us know you are doing the 14 day Instagram challenge and we will follow you back.

Day 4. Explore hashtags - see what other dietitians are sharing on #whatrdsdo, #whatdietitiansdo or #dietitiansofinstagram.

Day 5. Why not share something about your day-to-day work or life? Keep the photos colourful and use hashtags to get them seen by more people.

Day 6. Find and follow active dietitians on Insta like: @nadeenhr, @nicsnutrition, @theguthealthdoctor and @nudenutritionrd.

Day 7. Remember Instagram is social media - so be social! Try commenting on posts from your friends, colleagues and Instagram accounts you like.

Day 8. Photos with people or food do much better on Instagram - why not post a picture of an interesting meal you have made or eaten lately?

Day 9. Use the explore tab to find new users and content that you like. Follow, like, comment on and engage with posts or accounts you enjoy!

Day 10. Filters are a great way to bring out the best in your photos and give your followers more enjoyable content. Why not try them out?

Day 11. Videos really bring your content to life - why not share a brief clip of you cooking? 

Day 12. Post about what you do as a dietitian, ready for dietitians week. Remember to use the hashtag #WhatDietitiansDo so others can find it!

Day 13. Instagram doesn't let you add links to posts. Why not try directing people to a web page by putting the link in your bio and signposting in your post?

Day 14. Instagram stories are only visible for 24hrs. Share a clip of you describing how you do prevention. (Don't forget to tag us so we can see it!)

Congratulations! You're now an Instagram expert. Encourage your colleagues to join you on Instagram and join in with Dietitians Week from 3-7 June