Mind What You Eat: Early Intervention in Psychosis

Early Intervention teams across the country provide a comprehensive and rapid service to people experiencing their first episode of psychosis. For some people it will be a one off, short term episode, but for many it may the beginning of longer term illness.

Medications used to treat psychosis have significant side effects on physical health and many patients gain weight due to changes in their metabolism and appetite.

There is good evidence showing people with a serious mental illness are at much higher risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancers, plus life expectancy is reduced by 20 years. 

However, by helping people earlier in their illness we can promote both mental and physical health recovery.

Mind What You Eat is a resource written by the Mental Health Dietetic team at Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust. It uses guided self-help to promote motivation, awareness of personal habits and triggers, as well as a range of health eating information and guidance.

The resource is owned by the patient, keeping a record of progress and goals along the way. The guide was designed to be facilitated by any member of the Multidisciplinary Team – with the Dietitian never far away for additional support and input.