Providing tailored public health information for parents of children with allergies

Food allergies, especially amongst children, are a frequent topic on news and social media, and the information provided about them is often confusing.

The BDA’s Food Allergy Specialist Group had particularly identified uncertainty amongst patients and healthcare professionals regarding the early introduction of solid food to reduce the risk of allergy.

Studies such as LEAP and EAT have led to changes in the recommendations about introducing certain know allergy foods, such as peanuts and egg, and the group were keen to ensure that patients had the right information to ensure they reduced their child’s risk.

Using their expertise and working with colleagues from the BSACI, Allergy UK and the Anaphylaxis Campaign, the specialist group developed advice sheets both for parents and for healthcare professionals.

The group consulted extensively with doctors, GPs, charities and patient groups to make sure the messages were easily understood while containing all the necessary information.