Reducing childhood obesity in Manchester by using better growth information to provide more timely feedback and support

Dietitian Sarah Vince-Cain is working as part of the collaborative NHS CHAMP (Child Health and Monitoring Programme) across Manchester which enables parents to track their children’s growth over time.

Manchester has extended the measuring programme beyond the remit of the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) and now measures the height and weight of every primary aged child every year.

Rather than receive feedback via letter, parents are invited to register with NHS CHAMP in order to view their child's results on line; 21,000 families are registered with the website.

The University of Manchester has found that children follow a healthier growth trajectory if their parents are registered with CHAMP.

This detailed information helps to identify trends that in turn allow dietitians and other healthcare professionals to support families of children most at risk of weight related illness before they occur.

A team at the University of Manchester, commissioned by Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and supported with funding by Health Education England, has developed an animated resource to support open discussion around overweight in childhood.