Using dietetic skills to help the vulnerable foodbank users

Dietitian Hazel Riggall is one of a number of dietitians who volunteer their time to a foodbank. Hazel works with the United Reform Church in Sutton Coldfield as part of their Food 4 U community project.

They have fed over 300 families in the past year alone and given out over 1400 packages in total.

Aside from giving her time to help organise and deliver the foodbank service, Hazel has used her skills as a dietitian to introduce healthy snack packs and provided advice to the community café that also forms part of charity.

She has also worked one-on-one with some of the visitors to the foodbank to provide advice relating to a range of specific health conditions including Type 1 and 2 diabetes, IBS and obesity, as well as advice on general healthy eating and eating on a budget

Not only has she brought nutritional expertise, but she has been able to draw on her organisational skills to introduce proper operational policies and better training processes for other volunteers.

Hazel also uses her training in counselling and psychotherapy to work with often very vulnerable people.