Working with a national retailer to provide public health nutrition advice

Freelance dietitian Angela Tella was commissioned by Sainsbury’s supermarket to research, develop and curate a suite of recipes and a 12-day meal plan to encourage healthy eating and reduce food waste as part of their Waste Less, Save More campaign.

These recipes were used to form an online recipe book which was also supported by the Hubbub Foundation, based in central London.

Angela conducted research to understand the needs and tastes of the target audience, whilst ensuring that general and specific nutrition criteria were met.

Drawing on her extensive experience of developing menus and recipes from other settings, Angela was able to create recipes that are nutritionally adequate, visually appealing, seasonally appropriate and easy to replicate.

She also ensured that the recipe selection was inclusive, reflecting a variety of food cultures. The meal plan was included to get readers to see the bigger picture about how some planning and a little forethought can reduce food waste and save them money in the process.

The book was published online on Sainsbury’s website in January 2018 and over 1000 hard copy versions have been given out as part of the campaign.