Dietitians Week

The BDA's Dietitians Week was established in 2014 to highlight the work and worth of dietitians and continues to be an annual awareness raising week.

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What do you need to know?

 - Our fourth Dietitians Week will run from June 12-16.

 - Our theme will be Evidence and Expertise, highlighting the importance of an evidence based approach to nutrition whilst showing that dietitians are the best placed interpreters of nutrition evidence. 

 - We are delighted that Sense about Science will partner with us, and we are pleased to be working with the British Nutrition Foundation, whose Health Eating Week will be taking place at the same time. If members want to get involved with Healthy Eating Week as well, they can download the planning guide here. We will announce other partners and collaborations soon.

 - Eat Fact Not Fiction – our exciting free public event, taking place in Leeds on Monday 12 June, features high profile speakers discussing evidence-based nutrition. Find out more about Eat Fact Not Fiction including our speakers and applying for your place! If you can’t join us in Leeds, we’ll be recording the event and sharing videos of the speakers online. 

The week is an opportunity to promote positive messages about nutrition to counter the fads and pseudoscience that unfortunately continues to garner shares and column inches.

We want you to have conversations with your patients, friends and colleagues about why they should ask for the facts when they read a story about nutrition or diet, and why you as a dietitian have the expertise to make sense of it all! 

We hope that all our members will join in as enthusiastically and take part on social media, organise local events and get their colleagues, stakeholders and local media involved. We want this year to be the biggest and best Dietitians Week yet!

Dietitians Week packs and resources!

What you will be able to download as part of the Dietitians Week pack:

  • Posters – we always love the fantastic displays that members put together for Dietitians Week so we’ve designed two posters, including one you can add to yourself!
  • Postcards – to share with colleagues and patients on the importance of evidence and expertise in nutrition. (only avaialble to order)
  • Media Kit – This includes a template press release for you to send to local media and tips on contacting journalists as well as a calendar for social media activity for the week. Download the Media Kit now! You can download a copy of just the social media calendar here. 

We are now out of Dietitians Week packs! But you can still download the posters here. A limited number of Welsh lanugage packs are also available to order - please get in touch at the via 

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the week, please get in touch!

BDA Students

We want you to record 30 second videos on why an evidence based approach to nutrition is so important to you as an RD2b. Get in touch with your videos, including your name and where you are studying. You can do it on your own or with your fellow students, and it doesn’t need to be of really high quality – your phone is fine! We'll be sharing some of these on our Instagram account throughout Dietitians Week.


Using the Dietitians Week 2017 logo

We'd love you to use our logo to promote the week far and wide and to show you are proud to be a dietitian. From just having it pinned on your notice board, to having the logo printed onto a t-shirt, the options are endless! Or, simply add it to your website with a hyperlink to

Campaign Logos

Open the file you need by clicking on the link below and then right-click an image to save the file.

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Here are a few tips on best use of the logo

  • Please don’t change the colours, or the design of the logo itself. We want to keep the campaign branding consistent.
  • If you are changing the size of the logo, to fit it on your T-shirt for example, don’t change its shape as it will look distorted. You can usually re-size it while maintaining the original shape by clicking and dragging the corners (not the top/bottom/sides)
  • We are happy for you to use the logo alongside other logos. For example, if you are having a joint meeting with another organisation.
  • Please don’t use the logo for commercial purposes.

Many thanks!