Dietitians Week

The world’s first Dietitians Week, established and organised by the British Dietetic Association (BDA), took place from 9-13 June 2014, and the second from 8-12 June 2015. The Week was initially established in conjunction with the BDA’s campaign Trust a Dietitian to highlight the work and worth of dietitians and the impact of the dietetic profession in the UK.   

Dietitians Week 2016

The third Dietitians Week run by the BDA took place from 6-10 June. Dietitians Week 2016 took the theme of ‘workplace health’ in relation to the BDA’s new Work Ready Programme, targeting the improvement of the health of the UK workforce.

Dietitians Week logo

Each day of the week-long event adopted a different subtheme:

  1. Food and moodMonday (6th).
  2. Healthy meetingsTuesday (7th).
  3. Protecting your lunch hourWednesday (8th).
  4. HydrationThursday (9th).
  5. Food and movementFriday (10th).

The week included a range of national awareness raising and political events throughout the UK which promoted the profession and the impact of dietetic practice on the health of the nation, including a visit to the House of Lords. 

The Media Kit

One of the aims of Dietitians Week is to promote the fantastic work that dietitians do. With this in mind, we developed a resource for members to download from our website called a Media Kitready for Dietitians Week 2016The Kit outlined the social media activity for Dietitians Week along with ready-made documents for distributing to journalists to obtain local media coverage and promotion for dietitians. See a copy of the 2016 Media Kit (BDA members only).

Dietitians Week Pack!

To assist with promoting and participating in Dietitians Week 2016, we developed a great FREE resource – Dietitians Week Packs! These contain useful items such as posters, fact sheets, a twitter kit, lunch signs and other items which explained how to get involved during the week, to help make the national event a real success for the profession. Download the Dietitians Week 2016 Pack here as a single pdf.

Using the Dietitians Week 2016 logo

We'd really like Dietitians Week 2016 supporters to feel able to use the logo to promote the awareness week far and wide and to show you are proud to be a dietitian and support the profession. You can let your imagination run wild and think up different ways where you may want to use the logo. From just having it pinned on your notice board, to having the logo printed onto a t-shirt, the options are endless! Or, simply add it to your website with a hyperlink to

Campaign Logos

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Web page quality

TAD logo web quality Dietitians Week logo (web quality)

Print quality

Right-click each image to save a zipped file. Inside the zip file is a 300 dpi TIF version of the logo (350 pixels high) and a WMF file, which can load into any Microsoft Office software and be scaled to any size without losing image quality.

TAD logo web quality Dietitians Week logo (web quality)

Here are a few tips on best use of the logo

  • Please don’t change the colours, or the design of the logo itself. We want to keep the campaign branding consistent.
  • If you are changing the size of the logo, to fit it on your T-shirt for example, don’t change its shape as it will look distorted. You can usually re-size it while maintaining the original shape by clicking and dragging the corners (not the top/bottom/sides)
  • We are happy for you to use the logo alongside other logos. For example, if you are having a joint meeting with another organisation.
  • Please don’t use the logo for commercial purposes. Many thanks!