Home Enteral Tube Feeding (HETF)

The specialised HETF care programme reduces morbidity, improves health outcomes and costs related to long-term enteral feeding at home.

A specialised HETF program significantly reduced the number of hospital admissions and the duration of hospital and ICU stays.


Commercial Enteral Formulas and Nutrition Support Teams Improve the Outcome of Home Enteral Tube Feeding.

Klek, Stanislaw Szybinski, Piotr Sierzega, Marek; Szczepanek, Kinga ; Sumlet, Magdalena; Kupiec, Monika; Koczur-Szozda, Elzbieta ; Steinhoff-Nowak, Malgorzata ; Figula, Krzysztof MD 2; Kowalczyk, Tomasz ; Kulig, Jan.

Journal of Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition. 35(3):380-385, May 2011