Infants, Pre-school, and School Aged Children


The nutritional needs of infants during their first year are high and rapidly changing. Dietitians are able to support parents and the child with advice to optimise nutritional intake.

Pre School

Dietitians support children and their families to help manage nutritional problems in pre-school age children such as dental caries, iron deficiency anaemia, obesity, food refusal and poor eating.

School Aged Children

Dietitians working in public health can make a real difference to developing a positive attitude in school aged children towards a wide range of foods through cooking and tasting sessions and a range of activities.

Evaluation of Munch and Move, a low-intensity, professional development programme designed to support early childhood professionals to promote healthy eating and physical activity among children in their care.

The approach adopted by Munch and Move and similar programmes has the potential to influence large numbers of children at low cost, and further evaluation of different versions with variations in intensity are warranted.


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