A 65-year-old widow with weight management needs

Mrs C lived with her grown up son who was not very respectful of her or her home. She was seen by a colleague in X before being transferred over to the weight management group held at X Medical Practice where she was registered with her GP.

Mrs C did not always find change easy, and she often struggled to implement changes due to low self-esteem and a difficulty in asserting her needs to her son.

Mrs C first completed the weight management group in December 2011. She then contacted me in the summer to ask to attend again as she felt that she was gaining so much both in terms of weight loss but also in terms of the improvements she could see in herself such as improved self-esteem. Over the 16 month period of dietetic input Mrs C lost a total of 17kg (2st 9 lb). In addition, she had initially reported that she did not have any friends in the area, since the death of her husband, however, when she was last seen she had started volunteering locally and through this she had been able to build new friendships.

As her confidence grew she was able to make further lifestyle changes and continues to keep her weight off.