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Welcome to the BDA Media Centre. Here, you can access the latest media releases and information from the BDA and find out where the BDA features in the media. We have also included some information that we hope will be of use to the many journalists we work with on a daily basis.

When we think of 'media', we are not just talking about the traditional print and broadcast media, we are also referring to online media and social networks. In all our media work, one common denominator should be evident: the BDA will always provide credible and evidence-based food and nutrition commentary. 

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The BDA helps the media


The BDA’s Press Office not only responds to questions and  queries about food and nutrition, we can also help you place the best experts in front of camera and/or as part of your off-screen expert knowledge base. We have, and can, also help develop film, documentary and TV ideas from concept stages to script development stages, right through to getting the project 'green-lit' for final production.  Read more about this work.

The BDA does not charge for this unique service. This is FREE.

BDA spokespeople


The BDA only uses dietitians for media work due to their unique selling point and major differences between others working, and claiming to work, in food a nutrition. The BDA views dietitians as the gold standard when it comes to food and nutrition experts because of their recognised education, training and expert knowledge. The title ‘dietitian’ is protected in law unlike any other food and nutrition title and is the only food and nutrition profession that has to be regulated by law. Check out our dedicated page for BDA Spokespeople.

The BDA campaigns too!

Work ReadyThe BDA is proud to be an organisation that is also an active and effective campaigning organisation too! We've run campaigns on various issues in the past around food and nutrition related topics, with our latest campaign called BDA Work Ready. This is an exciting campaign and other organisations and interested parties can get involved. Equally, the BDA is also keen to support other organisations' campaigns, so get in touch with your ideas.     

Information for the media


In a world where so many claim to be a food/nutrition ‘experts’, ‘researchers’, gurus’ etc, what separates real evidence, facts and credibility from the strange, weird, faddy and fanciful? The BDA is 100% committed to promoting the science, evidence, latest research and credible messages about food and nutrition. Please take some time to read our page dedicated to journalists with some key information as to why using a dietitian in the media will give your product the credibility editors and the public have come to expect. 

Dietetics Today

coversThe BDA’s monthly magazine, Dietetics Today, is the most circulated dietetic magazine in the UK, sent directly to our membership. It is the most valued publication out of all the professional nutrition magazines in the UK (based on the BDA’s 2013 readership survey). Dietetics Today prides itself on publishing the latest, most-up to date research, articles and comments. More information can be found on our dedicated pages to Dietetics Today.