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April 2018 

The best food to increase your iron levels, Top Santé

The Case of the Missing Fruit – Philips and Rijksmuseum work some magic to inspire healthy living,  Fab UK Magazine

Quarter of children in north Wales overweight or obese, BBC News 

Artificial sweeteners linked to obesity and diabetes in new study on mice, News Week Media

March 2018

Is Gluten Bad for you? Coach Magazine

Bubbling up: why ‘craft’ sparkling water is being toasted by soft drink lovers, The Guardian

Is your house making you fat? 14 surprising weight loss tips your HOME needs, The Daily Mail

No More Weighing: Portion Control Made Easy, Women’s Health

Salad days: what’s life like following the new calorie guidelines? The Guardian

February 2018 

Weight Watchers free offer to teenagers could lead to them becoming 'fixated' with dieting, The Telegraph

The care caterers making a difference with every meal, The Guardian

Revealed: How lard is actually GOOD for you (and it can even be healthier than butter), Daily Mail

What are 'ultra-processed' foods and do they cause cancer?, IB Times

January 2018 

Fans stockpile Irn-Bru before recipe change sees sugar content halved, Sky News

9 rules that makes any diet work better, Good Housekeeping

The celebrity diets experts want you to avoid in 2018, Harpers bazaar

Veganuary: These are the biggest health mistakes people make when they go vegan, International Business Times

Give our NHS the cash it needs NOW: 12 trade unions in unprecedented plea to Jeremy Hunt for emergency funds, The Mirror

December 2017 

What to eat for a hangover – the best food and drink to ease the pain, The Mirror

This Instagram blogger has highlighted how severe and life-affecting bloating can be, Cosmopolitan

Best healthy diet plans for 2017: Reviews of Atkins, 5:2, Weight Watchers, Slimming World and more, The Mirror

These 5 celebrity diets were just ripped to shreds by a top authority, Business Insider UK

November 2017

Never mind the spag bol … why Brits are passing on pasta, The Guardian

Why you might want to stop buying your children Costa's babyccino, The Mirror

Slow down: why eating too quickly is making you fatThe Times

Do these 6 winter health foods and supplements actually work? Netdoctor

What are the benefits of apple cider vinegar for weight loss? The Telegraph

October 2017

One Meal A Day Diet: The Pros and Cons of Extreme Fasting, The Independent

The best diet plans to lose weight healthily, The Telegraph

BAKE SCOFF High street favourite Greggs is packing more calories into some of its new salads than many of its doughnuts and pastries, The Scottish Sun

Diet plan - why eating chocolate cake for breakfast could be the best start to your day, The Express

September 2017

Kate Winslet Hasn't Weighed Herself In 12 Years, But Is It A Good Idea To Ditch Scales? Huffpost

Fussy toddlers should be allowed to play with their food if it is the only way they will eat, The Telegraph 

Is Dark Chocolate Good For You? Coach

Benefits and risks of raising a vegan child, according to experts, The Independent

August 2017

WARNING: Subway salads can be more FATTENING than sandwiches, Daily Star

4 signs you're not eating enough calcium, Netdoctor

Is sparkling water bad for you? Prima

British Dietetic Association confirms vegan diets can support healthy living for all ages, The London Economic

July 2017

Protein: The Definitive Guide to Eating the Nutrient Correctly The Independent

Here's exactly why you need to ignore #CleanEating, Glamour

10 over-50s nutrition myths debunked, Saga

Why Am I Always Hungry? The Debrief

June 2017

Is white bread better for you than brown sourdough? The Guardian

You're eating more processed food than you think, Coach Online

Which health foods lie to us? How to decipher confusing packaging, The Independent

Women spending a fortune on vitamins, Daily Mail/Mail Online

May 2017

This healthy ingredient could be harming your gut, Prima Online

Could going gluten free be bad for your heart, Coach Online

Vegetable crisps have the equivalent of 8 teaspoons of sugar, Daily Mail/Mail Online

April 2017

Sunny side up – how healthy are your eggs, Get the Gloss

The importance of club nutritionists to Premier League footballers, Shoot

Say no to low carbs, yes to slow carbs, The Healthy Food Guide

The new low-cholesterol diet – nuts, Boots Web MD

March 2017

Striker Jermain Defoe turns vegan to prolong soccer career, Mail Online

Say no to low carbs, yes to slow carbs, Healthy Food Guide

Charcoal lattes are the next trendy health food that aren’t actually that good for you, Metro

Cut sugar in cakes, biscuits by 20%, industry told, BBC News

February 2017

Clean-Eating Backlash: How To Find Nutritional Information You Can Trust, Huffington Post

Is there such a thing as a superfood? Delicious Magazine

Is the 10-a-day diet only for the wealthy? BBC News

Yes there is such a thing as healthy pancakes Mail Online/The Daily Mail

January 2017

Fad Free GMB, ITV

What is the milk diet and does it work? The Metro

A drastic January detox can do more harm then good, Harpers Bazaar

Doctors issue warning over detoxes as woman hospitalised, The Daily Mail

Give peas a chance, why pea protein is leading the whey, The Guardian

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