BDA Spokespeople

We have 100+ media trained spokespeople that can help you with a huge range of nutrition topics from skin health to mental health, to the latest fad diet. Visit our In the Media pages to see where our spokespeople have featured.

See what some of our spokespeople have to say about their role...

aislingAisling Pigott, BDA Media Spokesperson said:

"I'm so proud to be a dietitian, and the idea of a 'team of spokespeople' promoting their profession in the media was really appealing to me."


Anna Daniels, BDA Media Spokesperson said:

“Any media that I have featured in that is educational and raises the profile of dietitians is an achievement.”

Are you a member?

Want to become a BDA spokesperson? Read more about being a media spokesperson in Meet Our Volunteers

Currently, the BDA Media Spokesperson team is at full capacity, but if you are interested in learning more about working with the media as a dietitian, then we have a newly re-designed CED course called The Registered Professional and the Media: Skills for a Professional and Effective Relationship. On successful completion of the course, RDs and SENr (High Performance Registrants) can be added to the waitlist to become a BDA/SENr media spokesperson when vacancies arise.