Free BDA Branch Membership

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Our network of 12 BDA branches are spread regionally across the UK.

Branches offer our members the chance to get involved in various local CPD, networking and topic-specific meetings and events with members from from different disciplines and organisations.

Seeing dietetic professional bodies in other countries has given me a much greater appreciation of the role the BDA plays in the UK. BDA International member

Branch Activity

Attending your local branch events and meetings are a great way of meeting with likeminded professionals in your regional area, providing opportunities to network with your peers (or even a potential future employer) and benefit from sharing of knowledge and ideas.

All BDA members have been automatically allocated to their local branch via their home address postcode. Please visit your MY BDA area to see which BDA Branch you are a member of. Should your circumstances change, you can alter which Branch you're a member of within MY BDA.

Get Involved

Why not get involved with your local Branch, and see if there are any vacancies for volunteer roles such as on the Branch committee.