BDA Rewards

Save up to £250 each year using BDA rewards!

AHPRewardsBDA rewards has been put together to save you time and money across a whole variety of everyday services and shops, whether at work or in your own leisure time,

Joining forces with sister associations such as the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, the British and Irish Orthoptic Society and the British Association of Arts Therapists, together, our joint buying power means we’ve negotiated a preferential set of deals for our members.

By using BDA Rewards, you can save the cost of your BDA membership – at least £250 per year across Lifestyle, Shopping/Supermarkets, Travel, Legal and Advice and Business Services.

Here are just a few of the examples of how you could save:

  • Save an average of £204.57 on energy [prices via comparison]
  • Fantastic travel discounts via Travellers advantage
  • Up to 50% off meals at 1000’s of restaurants
  • Receive between 5-15% using cashback cards
  • Lowest corporate gym rates at 2000 nationwide gyms

Start using BDA Rewards today (BDA members only).