Affiliate & Alliance Membership

The BDA provides two further membership categories for other professionals to join should they meet the relevant criteria.


To join the BDA as an Affiliate member, you should be working as any of the following:

  • a nutritionist who has undertaken a recognised degree in nutrition;
  • a dietitian trained overseas who is not eligible to be an International Member;
  • a UK citizen undertaking full training as a dietitian overseas.
Affiliate Member

Direct debit (single payment)

Direct debit (12 installments

Card payment
Affiliate (UK) £149.65 £12.18 £161.95
Affiliate (Overseas) £209.65 £17.81 £221.95


Join as an Affiliate Member

In order to join us:


The BDA provides the Alliance category for a range of different occupations who have an occupational interest in nutrition and dietetics, support the aims of the BDA, and are not eligible for any other membership category:

  • food worker not supervised by a dietitian;
  • doctor or nurse;
  • catering manager and staff in any setting including health, care, schools and prisons;
  • Allied Health Professional, food scientists or technologist;
  • public health or health promotion staff or health trainer.
Alliance Member Direct debit (Single payment) Direct debit (12 monthly installments) Card/cheque payment
Alliance 149.65 £12.86 £161.95


Join as an Alliance Member

In order to join us: