BDA Membership Categories

The BDA is the largest association of food and nutrition professionals in the UK and is the only body in the UK representing the whole of the dietetic workforce.

A majority of BDA members are registered dietitians on the HCPC register, however the BDA offers a variety of other membership categories to accommodate a range of healthcare professionals.

Please find out more about which category best suits your professional needs and apply to join us:

CategoryBDA Membership Category Criteria

Full Member


Need to be, or have been, eligible for registration as a dietitian in the UK. Be either:
  • currently registered with the HCPC, or
  • previously registered or can demonstrate that you are eligible through education and training in the UK.
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Associate Member


This category includes:
  • dietetic support workers / assistant practitioners working under the direct supervision of a dietitian
  • SENr registrants (UK and internationally based)
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Student Member


You must be studying for a degree, postgraduate diploma or MSc in dietetics at an approved UK institution, which, upon qualification, leads to eligibility to be registered as a dietitian with the HCPC

Affiliate Member


This category includes:
  • nutritionists who have undertaken a recognised degree in nutrition
  • dietitians trained overseas who are not eligible to be a BDA International member
  • UK citizens undertaking full training as a dietitian overseas
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International Member


To be eligible for this category you must have:
  • undertaken recognised education and training in nutrition and dietetics overseas
  • not be currently registered in the UK or practising in the UK
  • be a full member of a dietetic association recognised by ICDA or EFAD or a member of a dietetic association which has similar aims to the BDA
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Alliance Member


If you have an occupational interest in nutrition and dietetics, support the aims of the BDA and are not eligible for any other membership category:
  • food workers not supervised by a dietitian
  • doctors and nurses
  • catering managers and staff in any setting including health, care, schools and prisons
  • Allied Health Professionals and food scientists or technologists
  • public health or health promotion staff and health trainers
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Corporate Member

Must meet the criteria in BDA Partnerships & Sponsorship Guidelines:

Should you have any queries about any of the BDA's membership categories please contact us.