Have your circumstances changed?

To support our members as best we can throughout the different stages of your varied dietetic careers, we've developed heavily subsidised membership options for existing Full Members (only) to transfer onto should your circumstances change:

  1. Non Practising Category whilst taking a break from work
  2. Parental Leave Category for maternity, parental or adoption leave
  3. Retired Category when you're retiring from the profession

Please read the criteria carefully and consider the following before applying to move onto any of these categories. At the time of registering with the HCPC, dietitians tick to confirm that they either;

  • have a professional indemnity insurance arrangement in place which provides appropriate cover to practice or
  • that they are not practising at the time of the HCPC renewal, but understand the requirement to have a professional indemnity arrangement in place which provides appropriate cover, and will ensure this is in place when they next practice.

1. Non-Practising Category - Are you no longer practising? 

Introduced to enable existing full members to retain BDA membership and keep up-to-date with current information whilst taking a complete break from working and any paid salary. 

This non-practising category does not include Professional Indemnity Insurance or Trade Union support. Therefore if you do return to practice, it is your obligation to inform us of your return to dietetics and ensure you are reinstated as a full member immediately as the HCPC states a dietitian is legally obliged to have professional indemnity insurance to practice.

Non-Practising Member
Direct debit (single payment)
Direct debit (12 instalments)
Card/cheque payment
Non-Practising (UK) £101.73 £8.92 £108.13
Non-Practising (Overseas) £161.73 £13.90 £168.13

  • To apply to be a Non-Practising Member please complete this Non Practice Form with a brief explanation of your circumstances to ensure you meet the criteria detailed above. Please send to: membership@bda.uk.com or call 0121 200 8080 for any further details.

2. Parental Leave Rate 

In order to support you fully whilst taking maternity, parental or adoption leave, the BDA now offer our existing Full Members (only) a 50% reduced ‘Parental Leave Rate’ of just £150 for a maximum of 12 months.

This rate supports you to maintain your BDA membership with all of the same benefits as full membership, and importantly ensures you:

  • are covered with mandatory Professional Indemnity Insurance for your keeping-in-touch days (whatever form those days may take), when you return to work and when you re-register with the HCPC every 2 years.
  • have vital Trade Union support for any employment challenges which may occur during your leave period, such as restructures, redundancies, sickness and right to return.
  • remain in the BDA community and especially maintain currency of practice during maternity, parental, or adoption leave.

Parental Leave Rate Direct Debit (Single Payment) Direct Debit (12 instalments) Credit/Debit card
Parental Leave Rate £150 £12.50 £150

Parental Leave Rate - Fast Facts

Q. Who can access the new BDA Parental Leave Rate?
Existing BDA Full members (of at least 1 year) who are taking Maternity, Parental or Adoption leave.

Q. How much is the new BDA Parental Leave Rate?
The annual fee is £150, this is usually paid in direct debit instalments of £12.50 a month.

Q. How long is the new BDA Parental Leave Rate for?
For a maximum of 1 year (12 calendar months) after which members must be returned to the Full Membership category. However if you return to work before 12 months, it is your professional responsibility to ensure you inform the BDA (with 6 weeks' notice) alongside your employer, so we can update your membership to Full Member.

Q. How do I take up the new BDA Parental Leave Rate?

Email us membership@bda.uk.com giving 1 month’s notice of your planned leave, you will then be asked for details regarding dates and to confirm you agree to a declaration.

Q. What does the new BDA Parental Leave Rate give me?
All the same benefits as your Full BDA membership, including your vital Professional Indemnity Insurance and Trade Union support to ensure you are fully covered and protected throughout your leave for any employment challenges and any keeping-in-touch days.

Q. What happens once I return to work?

After 12 months we will automatically renew your full membership. If you return to work earlier than 12 months, you will need to advise us as soon as you have agreed this date with your employer as we require at least six weeks’ notice to arrange the change of category and payments. You will then begin a new annual Full membership.
For example: if you were commencing parental leave on 1st March 2018, and returned to work 1st January 2019, we would commence your full membership 1st January 2019 and it would renew each year on 1st January.

3. Retired Category - Are you retiring from the profession? 

Introduced to enable those existing Full Members no longer registered with the HCPC who no longer intend to work, but who wish to retain their BDA membership and keep up-to-date with current dietetic news and professional information.

Retired members will not receive BDA professional indemnity insurance or trade union support as they will not be practising.

Retired Member

Direct debit 
(single payment)
Direct debit 
(12 instalments)
Retired (UK) £101.73 £8.92 £108.13
Retired (Overseas) £161.73 £13.90 £168.13

  • To apply to be a Retired Member please simply contact the BDA via email with a brief explanation of your change in circumstance and any necessary proof you meet the criteria detailed above. Contact us at: membership@bda.uk.com or call 0121 200 8080.