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With approximately 80% of all HCPC registered dietitians within BDA membership, there’s never been a better time to consider joining your professional body and trade union. 

Together, we’re stronger. As the more members we have, the stronger our collective voice is in representing, protecting and promoting our dietetic profession.

If you are keen to share your enthusiasm, knowledge and experience and help to promote dietitians and the dietetic profession, then joining the BDA is a great place to start. We invite you to join over 7,500 other registered dietitian's in becoming a member by meeting the following criteria:

  • you need to be, or have been, eligible for registration as a dietitian in the UK, and
  • be either currently registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC), previously registered, or can demonstrate that you are eligible through education and training in the UK.

Inviting you to join us online 

Join us as a FULL UK-based member online.  Please note, if you have been a BDA member in the past, simply re-join us, as our system will regonsise you when you enter your personal details and your previous BDA membership number will be reinstated. 

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Are you based overseas?

If you are eligible to join as a full member but are based overseas, you can download, complete and return this membership application form. A direct debit form is also available.

Are you a new graduate?

If you are a newly graduated student member you can upgrade to BDA Full Membership straight away. Simply log in to your My BDA personal profile area to renew your membership, choosing the Full Member category drop down as you go through the renewal process.  

Ensuring you are covered to practice

As a registered dietitian, it is essential you are covered with Professional Indemnity Insurance. Since 2014 this insurance became a mandatory requirement of the HCPC. If you practise without cover, you will be breaking the law.

Your employer may well cover you, but it is important to highlight that they will not support you if they are the ones bringing the action against you. If, for example they deem you to have breached your contract with them, through negligence, or practicing outside your scope or job description, your employer can sue you for damages in the same way you can sue them.

Your BDA membership provides protection from the dangers of action being instigated by the employer against the practitioner as BDA membership includes professional indemnity insurance alongside robust industrial relations support through the Trade Union. This ensures completely independent and personalised support and cover.

Have your circumstances changed?

To support our members as best we can throughout the different stages of your varied dietetic careers, we've developed heavily subsidised membership options for existing Full Members (only) to transfer onto should your circumstances change:

  1. Non Practising Category - taking a break from work
  2. Parental Leave Category *NEW* from 1st March 2018 - whilst on maternity, parental or adoption leave
  3. Retired Category- retiring from the profession

Find out more about the categories above and apply to move onto one.