BDA Membership Fees

You can join the BDA simply and easily online at any time in the year.

Our Full Membership for HCPC registered dietitians is worth over £1,600 but costs as little as £25 per month (when paying via 12 direct debit installments), so it’s no wonder we are continuing to grow our membership to over 9,500 members, including 83% of all HCPC registered dietitians, alongside 1,000 dietetic students.

BDA Membership Subscriptions 2018/19

BDA Membership
Direct Debit
x1 single payment

Direct Debit
*12 equal instalments

Card / Cheque
**Includes admin charge
Full - UK £298.20 £25.40 £308.50
Full - Overseas £358.20 £30.30 £368.50

Associate- Dietetic Support worker NHS band 5 or above

£149.65 £12.81 £161.95
Associate - Dietetic Support Worker, NHS Band 4 or below £101.70 £8.71 £107.62
Associate- SENr registrants (UK & International) £143.50 N/A £143.50
Student 1st year free, other years £37 N/A £37
Affiliate - UK £149.65 £12.81 £161.95
Affiliate - Overseas £209.65 £17.81 £221.95
International £207.30 £17.42 £218.80
Alliance £149.65 £12.86 £161.95
Options below are available to existing full members only
Non-Practising UK £101.73 £8.92 £108.13
Non-Practising Overseas £161.73 £13.90 £168.13
Retired UK £101.73 £8.92 £108.13
Retired Overseas £161.73 £13.90 £168.13
NEW Parental Leave Rate
£150 £12.50 £150


*Spreading your annual membership over 12 equal direct debit instalments is not a monthly membership, all 12 instalments are due, this affordable option is just a small amount more than choosing to pay by a one-off single direct debit payment
**There is an additional small administration fee for choosing to pay by card or cheque.


We've made membership fees more affordable by offering the option of paying via the cheaper and easier Direct Debit method. This option makes BDA annual renewal much easier as we contact members in advance to informing you we will renew your membership for you automatically (unless you inform us otherwise). In addition, you can also spread the cost of your annual membership by choosing to pay by 12 monthly direct debit at just a small amount more than by single payment.  Alternatively you can pay via credit or debit card, but this incurrs a small admin fee.

Reclaim tax on your previous subscription fees

Members subscriptions are allowable against tax. The previous subscription rates are available to BDA members to aid this and reclaim tax on your BDA, any Specialist Group and HCPC fees.

Direct Debit

95% of our members choose to pay their annual subscription by direct debit, as its easier and cheaper. If you choose to make your direct debit monthly installments as opposed to a one-off payment, please note, this is not a monthly membership, as all BDA subscriptions are for a full calendar year, commencing the month you join.

Please remember that if you cancel your direct debit halfway through the year, or we are unable to collect your monthly instalment, the BDA will be charged by your bank, and you will be expected to pay the balance of your subscription for that year.

N.B. Direct debits can only be set up on UK bank accounts.

Debit or Credit Card Payments

We would encourage members to pay via direct debit, BACS or card payment via the online payment system.

N.B. There is an additional small administration fee for paying by card.