Help us grow

As your professional membership organisation, we rely on you, our members to help us grow.  

The more members we have, the stronger our collective voice, and the more we can do to lobby and influence government, promote the profession nationally and internationally to wider audiences, and ultimately to drive demand for dietetics.

Together, we're stronger

Are your dietetic colleagues or friends BDA members? If not, why not help spread the word within your workplaces by recommending membership to them.  

We know that our members are the best possible source for new members who could benefit from all the BDA has to offer such as: Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Our vital professional indemnity insurance which is essential for their practice, as Trust cover isn't always enough.
  • Our dedicated Trade Union team who provide support across a wide range of workplace issues.
  • Unlimited access to PEN- the huge dynamic online evidence based resource
  • Our wide range of bespoke benefits and services worth over £1,600.

Spread the word via one of our Member-Get-Member campaigns

From time to time we run Member-Get-Member campaigns which encourage members to recommend and introduce their colleagues or friends to BDA membership to help us grow. Look out for information about the next campaign and the gift vouchers available to member advocates.

Get involved at the BDA

Are you a proactive dietitian keen to play your part in promoting and advancing our profession? If so, there are lots of ways you can volunteer with us.  We have a wide range of roles and opportunities available, and it's great experience, provides fantastic networking opportunities and helps both your CPD and CV.