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Thank you for attending our recent BDA Student Webinar: Evidence-based Practice event! 

You can access a copy of the webinar presentation here. Additionally, make sure you have downloaded a copy of the 'Introduction to PEN Nutrition' practice-based learning task and use this as evidence in your portfolio. 

Webinar Questions

During our webinars you asked lots of really good questions. To find answers to those we didn't have time to cover, take a look below: 

  • What are the benefits of being a BDA member?
    • On this webpage you will find a list of some of the benefits to being a BDA member which are listed by membership categories, therefore, showing what specifically is available for student members.
  • How to sign up to join the BDA?
    • You can sign-up here. Don’t forget, if you are in your first year of study, BDA membership is free!
  • How can I get involved with volunteering for the BDA as a student?

    • You could write an interesting article for Dietetics Today. Find out more about submitting an article including writing tips here.

    • Ask to become a student rep on your local branch or specialist group. Get in contact with them directly to ask if they have any positions available.
  • Are there any important differences between Canadian (PEN) and UK guidelines that are important to know when making decisions based upon PEN?
    • PEN will clarify if the information is Canada, Australia or UK-specific, for example, PEN may highlight recommendations from NICE. If it is not highlighted, it is generic information
  • When in clinical practice, at what point can you use evidence produced by PEN for patient advice especially if its an updated version of current clinical practice?
    • At any point in practice, so long as it is up-to-date. All information on the PEN website will include the date of when it was last updated. 
  • How can you sign up for PEN without a BDA membership?
    • Go to the ‘signup’ page here and sign-up for an account (you can get a free 24 hour trial)

More information

You can view an additional presentation created by PEN here, which provides more information on the PEN system. 

To access the evidence based resources highlighted in the webinar click each of the headings below: 

BDA Food Fact Sheets 

JHND (free with BDA membership)

PEN Nutrition (free with BDA membership)

BDA Policy and Position Statements

BDA Learning Zone 

If you are not currently a student member of the BDA but would like to look at joining then take a look here.