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What's the issue? 

Dietitians already have supplementary prescribing rights, which means that they can train to prescribed some drugs within their scope of practice and in accordance with a patient's clinical management plan (CMP) agreed with an independent prescriber.

However, the BDA believes that full, independent prescribing rights are needed to enable advanced clinical practice dietitians to operate to the best of their abilities and deliver the best for patients. This would help to deliver better support and more timely care for patients, improved patient safety, reduced pressure on other professionals, increased system efficiency and maximise our ability to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic now and in the predicted post-pandemic surge on our services.

Such an extention would also build on the ground work already undertaken by NHS England’s scoping exercise over the last few years on extending prescribing rights to our members and other professionals.

What is the BDA doing?

Any change like this will require significant work, and buy in from the government. We believe we have a strong case, and will work alongside colleagues from other Allied Health Professionals to influence ministers and civil servants to secure these additional rights. 

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