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Non-clinical practice-based learning

As a part of the BDA’s Dietetic Workforce Development Programme, we are looking to develop our practice-based learning (PBL) resources and share PBL learning experiences. We want to hear from those of you who have gone out to non-clinical PBL settings.

Practice-based learning non-clinical settings typically include practice-based learning placements in industry, research, public health, voluntary sector or other non-clinical type environments.

We would love for you to write a blog about your experiences or be a BDA case study example to be featured on our new BDA Practice-Based Learning page.

If you would like to write about your non-clinical PBL experience, please cover the following areas:

  • Introduction to yourself: Name, university, your course and course year. A photo of yourself, or even a photo of you out on PBL would be great!
  • Where did you undertake your PBL?
  • What skills and curriculum outcomes did this enable you to meet?
  • What did you like and what were the benefits of the PBL setting?
  • What did you find challenging about the PBL?
  • Any advice you would offer other learners entering a non-clinical PBL setting

Here are some handy tips and tricks to help you write your blog/case study:

  • Use your introduction to grab the reader’s attention. Why not present an interesting fact, pose a question or state an opinion?
  • Keep your reader interested by using short paragraphs. Start a new paragraph each time you make a new point.
  • Use short sentences. They make text a lot easier to read. Keep your sentences under 25 words.

Check out our writing tips if you’d like some more tips and tricks.

Please send your blogs or case studies to by no later than Wednesday 31 August.

We look forward to receiving your content!