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You're invited to join our second annual #BDASustainableSeptember, a month of activities designed to support our members embed environmental sustainability in dietetics. 

We'll be giving you details on why food (and dietitians) are so important in combating the climate crisis, how you can embed environmental sustainability into your practice, sharing member success stories and considering what we can all do next.

Keep up with the latest updates by following #BDASustainableSeptember on social media, and please use the hashtag to let us know what you’re doing to be sustainable this month - or share what you're doing using our online form.

Here is what the BDA will be sharing on social media this month.

1 September - Opening blog from the Sustainable Diets Specialist Group

3 September - What is a sustainable diet?

4 September - ICDA Workshop on One Blue Dot

Week 1 - Why should dietitians embed sustainability into their practice?

6 September - Quiz: What do you know about sustainability?

7 September - Why is collective action needed?

7 September - Natural Source Waters: Why people do - and don't - choose water: insights for your practice

8 September - How our food systems are damaging the planet

9 September - Can a UK sustainable diet be a healthy diet?

10 September - BDA sustainable diet recommendations

Week 2 - How can dietitians embed sustainability in their practice?

13 September - Sustainable meal swaps

14 September - Plastics reduction in enteral feeding, case study

15 September - Red meat and alternative nutrient considerations

16 September - Try something new: sustainable hacks

16 September - Seasonal fruit and vegetables

Week 3 - Who is doing this already?

20 September - New Sustainable Diets Food Fact Sheet launched

21 September - What do sustainable dietitians do?

22 - 24 September - One Blue Dot Champions

Week 4 - What could the future look like? What will you do next?

27 September - Understanding environmental labelling

28 September - Healthier and more sustainable diets: What changes are needed in high-income countries? 

28 September - Could eating insects be part of the future?

29 September - Further links and resources

29 September - Sustainable September LIVE with the BDA Sustainable Diets Group - featuring our brand new Sustainable Fakeaway recipes

30 September - Compilation of month's messages

Further links and resources