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Making the case for dietetics following the 2019 election

The election is over - now we have to push the Conservative Government to deliver on their promises and commit to new policies to ensure everyone gets the support they need to eat a healthy and sustainable diet. 

What the BDA will be doing

The BDA will be writing to and seeking to meet with the new Government to encourage them to take a number of key actions. We will also engage opposition parties to encourage them to support these policies and push the Government to act. The five main areas of focus are: 

  • Brexit - protecting access to specialist nutrition, valuing dietitians from the EU and maintaining public health and food standards. 
  • Protecting the NHS - ensuring that the NHS is protected from privatisation and funded properly for the long term to ensure it can deliver for patients. 
  • Dietetic workforce - investing to expand the dietetic workforce and make much wider use of their skills and expertise, including in public health and primary care
  • Food insecurity - action to tackle the shocking number of people in the UK who struggle to feed themselves or their families, including changes to the welfare system. 
  • National Food Strategy - ensuring that the UK has a robust and comprehensive strategy to ensure that everyone can access healthy, sustainable and affordable food.  

We will also be working alongside our allies and partners to highlight other important policy issues on which we have campaigned for some time, including:

What you can do

The election may be over, but the there is now a chance to influence and campaign with new and returning MPs and the new government. 

You could raise any of the above issues, or perhaps an issue closer to home relating to your own service. We've included some links above and below which might be helpful. 

We've got some tips on political influencing as part of Stand Up for Dietetics, and you can watch a webinar about political influencing on our Facebook page. 

Keep us informed of any activity you undertake by emailing Tom Embury, Public Affairs Officer at 

More Resources

Keep checking back as we will add more information to this page as the election campaign develops