Treasurer - South Wales Branch

Treasurer - South Wales Branch

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Declaring conflicts of interest

Council has decided that it is good practice for all members who represent the BDA on outside bodies, who are completing specific pieces of work for the BDA, are executive committee members of specialist groups or members of standing committees to register any interests which may be perceived as potentially generating a conflict of interests with BDA business.

The definition of what needs to be recorded is: the interests of a member which might reasonably be thought by others to influence their actions in their capacity as a BDA member acting on behalf of the BDA. This is consistent with our Members’ Charter and the way other councils work (including the Health Professions Council).

This form will be held confidentially by the BDA Chief Executive and the Honorary Secretary. It will be completed by anyone representing the BDA externally or taking on a distinct piece of work, where the BDA thinks it appropriate that the member complete it. It may be used if a conflict of interests arises and  Council or the Investigatory Committee decides that it needs to access it.

Please complete the following details as fully as possible and declare any possible conflict of interest you may have. Click on either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to answer each question.

I confirm that the information given on this form is correct and understand that failure to disclose relevant information may result in my role representing the BDA being terminated.

I agree that the information I have provided may be disclosed to the Council or the Investigatory Committee if requested.

I acknowledge that, under the terms of my membership of the BDA, I must comply with the rules and policies of the BDA, professional Codes of Conduct and the Members’ Charter. In particular, I will ensure that:

  • I act in the best interests of the BDA
  • I uphold confidentiality and ensure that any information obtained during a visit is used solely for the purposes of the BDA and is not divulged to any person or third party.
  • I conduct myself appropriately and treat all present with equal respect.