General and Education Trust Fund award winners

General and Education Trust Fund award winners

16 March 2016

As part of the BDA’s 80th birthday celebrations, we were privileged to present the winners of the General and Education Trust Fund (GET) awards. GET has a long history of supporting the science and practice of dietetics through the promotion of national awards which recognise the excellent work carried out by our members.

This year not only sees the annual awards being presented, but also two memorial awards and a lecture in honour of three significant contributors to the area of dietetics.

The Creina Murland memorial lecture was established to honour the memory and contribution of Creina Murland, a past Honorary Chairman of the BDA and one of the founders of the BDA General and Education Trust Fund. The lecture was established jointly by the BDA Council, the Trustees of the BDA General and Education Trust Fund and supported by Creina’s god-daughters. The theme of the lecture was leadership to reflect the senior roles Creina held and the impact she had leading the profession through periods of change.

The lecture was presented by Professor Anita MacDonald OBE, Ph, Consultant Dietitian in Inherited Metabolic Disorders at Birmingham Children's Hospital, Honorary Professor in Dietetics, University of Plymouth, and FRCPCH, Honorary Research Associate, Birmingham University. Professor MacDonald presented on leadership in dietetics.

Professor Pat Judd travel bursary was developed to facilitate attendance at national or international conferences. Pat made a significant contribution to the profession throughout her career most notably within the field of academia and dietetic education. She was the editor of the Journal of Human and Nutrition and Dietetics for eight years in addition to her many publications.

The Pat Judd Travel Bursary has been awarded to Selina Cox to attend the ECCO conference, Netherlands 2016 and to Joanne Elliott to attend The European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN) Congress 2016, Collaboration in Nutrition, Denmark, Copenhagen.

Pam Brereton MBE travel bursary was developed to support BDA members. Pam was a Chairman and Fellow of the BDA, as well as holding other senior positions. She was a pioneer within the profession, who could also claim Robert McCance as her godfather, holding senior influential positions in the NHS and the predecessor to the HCPC, the CPSM. Pam also benefitted from the opportunity to undertake an exchange with dietitians at the Massachusetts General Hospital and later also undertook a three month study trip to the USA.

She left a sum of money in her will to the BDA General and Education Trust Fund. It has been agreed between the Trustees and her husband, Michael, that up to £3000 will support applications from full BDA members who wish to travel within the UK or overseas, to fund an exchange or travel opportunity which will provide the same opportunities that Pam benefitted from in her career.

The Pam Brereton MBE travel bursary has been awarded to Laura Birch to travel to the CF Centre at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), and to Mariette Abrahams to attend the International Society of Nutrigenomics & Nutrigenetics conference (ISNN) 2016.

Dame Barbara Clayton award was created to recognise the contribution of the Honorary Presidents of the BDA and in particular Dame Barbara Clayton. The award is open to all individuals, teams or departments where dietetic service or practice can demonstrate innovation and new ways of working.

The award for innovation and excellence in dietetic practice was presented to Laura Cherry for the ‘Eat well project’.

Rose Simmonds award was at one time the only BDA award. It had an honourable beginning and possesses a long history. The award is given for a dietitian’s published scientific work. Rose Simmonds was a leading pioneer in dietetics.

This year, the award was given to Michelle Carter for her published work: Adherence to a smartphone – application for weight loss

Elizabeth Washington award is given for a dietitian’s published work which is within the discipline of nutrition and dietetics. Elizabeth Washington was one of the founder members of the BDA and served in a number of honorary capacities for many years.

This year, the award went to Elaine Mealey for her published work within the field of education: The first online course for practice educators.

We thank the following people for their involvement in the awards: Morag Mackellar, BDA Awards Coordinator, Sue Acreman, BDA Trustee, Martin Wiseman, BDA Trustee, Michael Rose and Fiona McCullough, Honorary Chair. 


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