BDA statement on EU Referendum

BDA statement on EU Referendum

04 July 2016

“Last weeks’ vote to leave the EU will have a significant impact on the future of the UK, and in all probability on the NHS and wider health policy. Unfortunately, there will be a great deal of uncertainty in the coming months as to exactly what changes will occur or their likely effects. However, you can be assured that the BDA will be here to support you and will take every step to ensure the views and concerns of our members are heard and that dietetics and nutrition policy are given proper consideration as part of any negotiations.

“When concrete proposal are made, we will seek to provide members with advice and guidance as to the advantages and disadvantages, and outline any steps the Association might be taking to ensure the views and concerns of dietitians are represented. We will of course welcome your views and thoughts on these issues as they develop.

“I would also emphasise that the BDA hugely values the contribution of all our members and colleagues, regardless of their background, including those from the EU or from elsewhere around the world. The UK dietetic profession is so strong precisely because of its diverse range of experiences and backgrounds. The BDA is becoming increasingly alarmed at the reported rise in hate crime following the result of the referendum last week. We have been made aware of incidents of verbal and physical abuse directed at healthcare workers of various ethnicities, particularly those who originate from European countries and those from black and ethnic minority groups.

“I want to be very clear that this is unacceptable and potentially illegal behaviour which will not be tolerated. The BDA welcomes all members and potential members with equal respect. Our members do not discriminate when dealing with members of the public or other work colleagues. Any complaints of unacceptable behaviour will be dealt with robustly and I would urge members who suffer or witness any type of racist or religious abuse to contact the BDA Trade Union office immediately for advice and assistance.”

Andy Burman, CEO, British Dietetic Association.

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