New tool to help understand health research

New tool to help understand health research

08 August 2016

Today, a new tool Understanding Health Research has been launched to help people evaluate the credibility of research and studies.

Although health research appears in the media almost every day, most people find it difficult to know which studies are good quality, and which ones are not, which is where this tool aims to assist.

The tool takes users through a journey of questions to help them weigh up a research paper and assess credibility.

Although more and more scientific papers are now online and freely available for anyone to read, the researchers involved with the creation of this tool are responding to the reality that access to papers is not the same as making research accessible.

The BDA is excited to see this useful tool available to assist people in an often confusing environment. With so much research published so frequently of varying quality, this tool is a positive step towards ensuring people question where their nutrition advice comes from, leading to a more evidence-based approach to diet across the general public.  

Understanding Health Research was supported by the population Health Sciences Research Network, funded by the Medical Research Council. This project is a collaboration between three Medical research council units (MRC Social and Public Health Sciences in Glasgow, the MRC Human Nutrition Research Unit in Cambridge and the MRC Epidemiology Unit, also in Cambridge) and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Find out more about the new tool Understanding Health Research.

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