Dietitian to appear on Jamie’s Friday Night Feast to promote better nutrition education for medics

Dietitian to appear on Jamie’s Friday Night Feast to promote better nutrition education for medics

19 December 2018

Elaine MacAninch, Jamie Oliver and RuppyDietitian Elaine MacAninch will be joining celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to highlight the importance of nutrition education for the nation’s doctors on the Friday December 28th episode of Jamie’s Friday Night Feast.  

Elaine is a dietitian medical educator at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, where she works alongside Dr Kathy Martyn and NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health. She is also a clinical dietitian at Brighton and Sussex University Hospital, and volunteers as nutrition lead for Culinary Medicine, a programme for doctors and medical students. Culinary Medicine was founded by Dr Rupy Aujla and is run with dietitians Elaine, Ravneet Phalora, Jackie Wilson and Laura Tilt. Courses are designed and delivered by a dietitian or registered nutritionist, a doctor (Rupy or Dr Sumi Baruah) and chef (Vince Kelly or chef Tina). There is an emphasis on the importance of the multi-disciplinary team with many other professionals working behind the scenes.

Currently, not enough doctors feel able to talk about food with patients, despite the significant role of diet in health. However, this is changing thanks to the efforts of Elaine and others like her. Teaching simple strategies, such as how to start a conversation around food and where to refer patients for further help can make a big impact. Doctors can refer to a registered dietitian but also to community projects and online help or consider ‘social prescribing’.

Elaine said "It is important to widen the conversation around food in medicine. All health professionals have a unique role helping patients to access reliable information and support around food choices. This needs to be appropriate to their medical condition and realistic regardless of background, culture, finances and other health concerns.

“As dietitians, it is important that we support our medical colleagues to include food within medical assessment and management plans to ensure more holistic care which includes evidence-based information on the role of food in the prevention and treatment of disease. It’s also vital that we promote the work we do so other professionals have the confidence to know when and how to refer on for specialist dietetic help.”

You can watch Elaine on Jamie’s Friday Night Feast on Channel 4, 7pm, Friday 28th December.

Further information

The British Dietetic Association is also supporting the provision of improved nutrition education as a part of NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health  an award-winning, interdisciplinary think-tank, training academy and knowledge network based in Cambridge which aims to improve medical nutrition education.

The BDA is also working with Nutritank, an organisation set up by medical students themselves to drive improved medical nutrition and act as a hub for information about food and nutrition for student medics.

You can find out more about Culinary Medicine at


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