BDA response to Interim NHS People Plan

05 June 2019

Following the release on Monday 3rd June of the Interim NHS People Plan, the British Dietetic Association have welcomed the intention behind the document but want to see more detail about how it will be delivered. 

Andy Burman, BDA Chief Executive said: “The BDA welcomes the launch of this interim People Plan, and are pleased to see recognition of the need for more dietitians to support new models of care in the NHS Long Term Plan. We strongly believe that dietitians should be playing a bigger role in primary care, supporting GPs and other healthcare professionals to treat people closer to home, and to see that identified specifically is heartening. There will need to be more detail added to the document to explain how these good intentions will become reality.

"We welcome the creation of AHP faculties to help expand and diversify clinical placements, which will be important if we are to increase the number of dietitians entering the workforce. It is also positive to see that efforts will be made to improve uptake of support for those looking to study dietetics and other AHP courses, as we know the removal of bursaries has impacted on applications to courses.”

Annette Mansell-Green, BDA Head of Trade Union said “The BDA Trade Union is keen to ensure that employers work with us locally to deliver Best Place To Work. Whilst there are clear signs of consensus about what is needed to resolve current and future workforce issues, it is difficult to see how much of this will result in real change without further funding.

"Our priorities are CPD and support for career development for all staff, along with programmes to support widescale cultural changes in the NHS. We are pleased to see commitment to greatly improved flexible working, and that staff and trade unions will be engaged in priorities for improving the day-to-day reality for staff in each NHS workplace.”

Read the Interim NHS People Plan here.

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