BDA and General and Education Trust Fund Awards and Honours

BDA and General and Education Trust Fund Awards and Honours

05 June 2015

The BDA hosted the annual Awards Dinner on the evening of 4th June 2015 in Birmingham. The BDA Awards were overseen by BDA Honorary Chair Fiona McCullough.

photo: BDA Award winners 2015  

Mary Turner Award

Awarded to Caroline Bovey

Caroline Bovey is a Public Health Dietitian with Aneurin Bevan University Health Board in South Wales. Caroline has 10 years of experience working as a Dietitian and her team forms part of the All Wales Nutrition Skills for Life programme. Caroline sees Public Health Dietetics as an exciting and growing area of our profession, and in Wales sees the benefits that a cohesive Wales wide programme can achieve in affecting population health.

Throughout her time as a Dietitian Caroline has acted as a local Trade Union rep and more recently as chair of the Wales Employment Relations Committee and a member of the Trade Union Board.

Caroline has a fundamental belief in fairness and equality in the workplace, empowering staff across all levels of the service and supporting them to achieve their potential. Caroline believes that the best way to effect positive staff outcomes is through a partnership approach; a strategy which is promoted widely in NHS Wales.

Presented by Dennis Edmondson, Outgoing Chair of Trade Union Board 

Media Spokesperson of the Year

Awarded to Priya Tew

Priya enjoys working with the media as she feels it is important for the public to receive balanced, unbiased nutritional messages that are based on scientific research.
Over a number of years, Priya has worked with many different forms of the media including writing articles for magazines, working with journalists doing media quotes, starring on DVD materials, radio work and working as a dietitian on the television.
Previous film work includes:

  • Featured on BBC Breakfast discussing watercress as a superfood.
  • Work for Supersize Superskinny TV show as the behind the scenes dietitian.
  • Work for Wizard as the food expert on a patient DVD about high blood pressure, with Greg Wallace 
  • Work with Maverick Television Limited on Embarrassing Fat Bodies (not yet aired).
  • Worked on the BBC 1 programme Operation hospital Food with James Martin and fellow dietitians Sian Porter and Maxine Cartz.

Presented by Sian Porter, Outgoing Chair of BDA Communications Board

Ambassador of the Year

Awarded to Alison Nelson

Alison was under able to attend but did provide a quote on being informed of her Award.

I am really honoured to be the BDA Ambassador of the year. Dietitians have a wealth of experience, skills and knowledge that are important in influencing clinical and public health policy. The profession has a vital voice that should be heard in shaping these policy areas. The BDA needs to be able to draw on a wide range of skilled dietitians, working in a variety of specialist fields, to speak up for our profession both in areas of national nutrition/dietetic policy and to ensure that nutritional health is always considered as part of wider health policy.

Being a BDA ambassador is an interesting role. As a representative of your profession it helps you understand the range of different views and opinions that determine important health policy. You will learn a lot and build skills in negotiation and influencing at a regional/national level. The BDA needs more Ambassadors to help the profession's voice be heard and to widen influence at policy level. All experienced dietitians should consider becoming a BDA Ambassador.

Presented by Andy Burman, BDA Chief Executive Officer

Trade Union Representative of the Year

Awarded to Clare Jones

Clare Jones is the BDA Trade Union representative at Liverpool Community Health and the BDA Area Representative for the North West on the BDA English Employment Relations committee.

Clare was one of the two BDA delegates at the 146th TUC Congress which took place in Liverpool from the 7th to 10th September 2014.

Clare was very successful in supporting the BDA members in Liverpool Community Health as they went through a restructuring and were facing possible redundancies protecting the service and jobs.  As a result Clare was a member of a BDA Trade Union Task and Finish group which put together the Protecting the Profession Course which is a modular course for BDA Representatives and Managers facing major restructure and redundancies.

Presented by Siân O’Shea, Outgoing Chair of BDA

Branch of the Year

Three Branches were shortlisted for the Award;

  • Glasgow and West Scotland
  • London Branch and North Wales
  • North West England

Winner - Glasgow and West Scotland

From Stranraer to the Highlands
Marjory Macleod accepted the Award on behalf of the Branch.

Specialist Group of the Year

Three Specialist Groups were shortlisted for the Award
PEN Group, Mental Health and Critical Care Groups

Winner - Dietitians in Critical Care 

Rajvinder Bains, Member of the DCC Group collected their awards on behalf of the Group.

The DCC aims to provide a nationwide forum for critical care dietitians to share information and best practice as well as providing support, guidance and education. Members have access to an online network forum and receive two newsletters per year from DCC. DCC runs a study day each year open to both DCC members and non- members.

IBEX Honour 

Presented to Anne Holdoway, Anne Lamb and Sian Porter 

Anne Holdoway

Anne is a State Registered Dietitian; her experience within private healthcare, the NHS and industry spans more than 25 years. Anne qualified from Leeds Metropolitan University in 1986 in Nutrition and Dietetics. After gaining clinical experience in several London teaching hospitals she pursued a career in industry, initially as a Company Nutritionist and later as Product Manager followed by a move into International Product development. Anne returned to the clinical profession in 1993, working across many specialist areas including gastroenterology and nutrition support, conducting research and audit, and successfully securing new services in healthcare Trusts.  She developed a successful private practice in tandem with NHS positions.  Anne has been involved in BAPEN since its conception and in recent years has dedicated time to Chair PENG, BAPEN Executive team, BAPEN Council, BDA Council, NICE, the National Nutrition and Hydration Action Alliance and the British Society Gastroenterology, with the aim of influencing standards of nutritional care at a national level.  Anne’s current clinical roles include developing a new service in Palliative Care and chronic disease management in conjunction with her private practice. She is also studying for a Professional Doctorate in Health at the University of Bath and continues to act as a consultant to industry.

Anne Lamb

Dietitian Career

I first wanted to be a dietitian in my 2nd year at high school when I met the local dietitian at a career fayre. Took a slight detour when I left school to work as a scientific technician at Aberdeen University Botany Dept before studying for a BSc Dietetics at Queen Margaret College in Edinburgh. My first DT post was in Ayrshire and after a year I moved to Lothian where I've spent my career to date - 33 years so far. Over this time I've worked in a number of posts ( think it's about 14) including project, acute , community, paediatric, learning disabilities and team lead. I currently work as Adult Acute Dietetic Service Lead for NHS Lothian.

BDA Career

I became a student member of the BDA in 1978 and still have the old newsletters to prove it ; needless to say it's changed quite a bit! Over the years my involvement with BDA includes being on East of Scotland Branch, a BDA IR rep, setting up NAGE Scotland branch, member of the Pre-Registration committee. Most recently as Scottish Board member and BDA representative on the Allied Health Professions Federation Scotland.

My involvement with the BDA has definitely benefitted my "day job". It's brought me in contact with a wide range of colleagues and I'm still enthusiastic about promoting my profession and working in NHS.

Sian Porter

A freelance dietitian with an MSc in Health Economics working in the media, consultancy and private patient work. Sian started her career in the NHS working in both acute and public health then moved to the pharmaceutical industry before freelancing. The outgoing Chair of the Communications and Marketing Board.

Fellowship Honour

Presented to Marjory Macleod and Sue Kellie 

Marjory Macleod

Marjory first became interested in dietetics when her mother developed Crohn’s disease when she was 14. Of particular interest to Marjory was the relationship between foods and disease. She was also (and remain) a keen cook, and her original intention of becoming a nurse evolved. She enrolled in Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen), qualifying in 1971 with a diploma in Dietetics ̶ before degrees were available in the field.

She began her dietetic career in a community post in Aberdeen, and then moved to the Isle of Skye, where she took an unpaid post at the local GP’s. On moving to Edinburgh she took up a newly created dietetic post the Royal Victoria Hospital, working with elderly patients suffering from a range of conditions. When the Royal Victoria closed, she obtained a post in the Learning Disabilities Service, at first in a long stay hospital, and later in the community. Throughout her career she has adopted a holistic, patient first approach.

Sue Kellie

Sue qualified from Queens College Glasgow in 1983 and completed a Masters in Remedial and Caring Practice at Loughborough in 1993. She then obtained a Post Graduate Certificate in Managing Health Services in 1996. She started her dietetic career at Chesterfield Infirmary later moving to Central Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust in 1986 where she eventually became Chief Dietitian.  She then moved to Mansfield District PCT as Nutrition and Dietetic Services Manager where she was also the AHP representative on the East Midlands Public Health Workforce Development Group. She worked closely with the local Universities in relation to dietetic training and workforce growth and development. Sue also sat on the BDA Education Committee (c2003-4) and Chaired the CED Sub Committee (c2003-4). She was heavily involved with the BDA’s education strategy, ensuring strategic direction drove the profession forwards. She was a member of the Validation Sub Committee, the national Dietetic Managers Group (c1999-2003) and the Scientific Programmes Committee.

Sue joined the BDA in 2005 as Head of Education and Professional Development, later being appointed Deputy CEO. She has represented the BDA both nationally and internationally. Driven by her passion for high quality dietetic practice, she has driven forward the Dietetic Outcomes Model (2014) and the Nutrition and Dietetic Care Process (2006, 2011), examples of key tools which guide the profession and the practice of dietetics.

Sue has also been the key driver behind the formation and establishment of the new England Board, having been a dietetic manager and recognizing the complexities of managing dietetics in England and the need to provide a solution for members in the country. She led the introduction and implementation of PEN, which is a unique model in worldwide knowledge and practice development, and is now liaising with other countries to license the product through the BDA. Finally, Sue has committed her own personal time, energy and effort to ensure the BDA achieves more than comparable organisations, something her peers may not always recognize or appreciate.

Honorary Associate

Presented to Dr Trevor Brown

Pauline Mulholland to collect on his behalf and will presented as part of the Dietitians Week Event being held at Stormont on Tuesday.  

Dr Trevor Brown, Consultant in Paediatric Allergy – Secondary Care Level in Northern Ireland. He is the current holder of the UK ‘National Allergy Service of the Year’ Award.

General and Education Trust Awards

presented by Morag MacKellar and Sue Acreman 

Dame Barbara Clayton Award for Innovation and Excellence in Dietetic Practice

Awarded to Evelyn Newman and Emma Pasieka

Awarded for the development of a pilot dietetic student placement model in a care home setting

Evelyn is now in her 30th year as a dietitian and has worked in many settings across the NHS, including acute care, prisons, sports dietetics and is now in a unique post within adult integrated social care. She is also an active member of BDA Council and deputy chair of BDA's Scotland Board.

She believes that we need to prepare our workforce for the future models of social care; whether at home or in care home settings and the students from RGU have risen to the challenge, because they really enjoy that social model of offering care. We have learned a lot from their insights, projects and audit and hope to keep building on this over the coming years. I couldn't have delivered this work without the commitment and support of Emma, our lead for dietetic placements in Highland and I'm really pleased that she is here today to share in the success that she is helping to create for the profession of the future.
Emma has been working as a dietitian in NHS Highland specialising in Renal and Critical care for the past five years.

She is currently the lead for dietetic placements in Highland and is enjoying this new challenge.  She has worked closely with Evelyn for this piece of work and could not have done it without her support and guidance throughout.  We are so grateful for this award and hope we can share the success of this project to help shape future student placements.    

Rose Simmonds Award

Awarded to Dr Kirsten Whitehead, Assistant Professor in Dietetics at University of Nottingham for her published work “Assessing communication skills in dietetic consultations: the development of the reliable and valid DIET-COMMS tool”.

Kirsten Whitehead qualified as a dietitian in 1985. She worked in a number of hospital and community NHS posts for over 23 years. Her roles covered a variety of clinical areas including specialist experience in HIV disease, cardiovascular disease, and most recently obesity and public health. She completed a Master in Public Health in 2000 and is currently the chair of the British Dietetic Association Public Health Nutrition Network.

Kirsten has been teaching in the Division of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Nottingham since 2001 and completed her Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education.

Kirsten has had an interest in communication skills for behaviour change for many years and completed her PhD in 2014. This included the development and validation of a tool for assessing communication and behaviour change skills in dietetic consultations. She obtained a BDAGET grant to allow this tool to be developed into an open access training package and this will be completed in 2015.

Elsie Widdowson Lecture

Linda presented the Elsie Widdowson Lecture during BDA Vision on Achieving our Potential - A reflection of the leadership opportunities for dietetics drawn from Linda's personal career experiences.

Linda Hindle is Lead Allied Health Professional with Public Health England with responsibility for championing the contribution of AHPs across England to improving public health.  Linda developed, grew and managed the Birmingham Community Nutrition and Dietetic Service for 10 years before becoming one of 10 Consultant Dietitians across the UK in 2005.  She has led the development and commissioning of Birmingham’s obesity strategy over several years. Other leadership roles have included Professional lead for Allied Health Professions in Birmingham Specialist Community Health Trust; and Professional Executive Committee member and Clinical Director in Eastern Birmingham Primary Care Trust.  Linda is an active member of the British Dietetic Association, currently a board member for BDA England, Chair of DOM UK and a BDA media spokesperson.

BDA thank the following people for their involvement in the Award Presentations: Sian O’Shea, Outgoing BDA Honorary Chair; Andy Burman, Chief Executive Officer BDA; Morag Mackellar, BDA Awards Coordinator; Sue Acreman, BDA Trustee;  Dennis Edmondson, Outgoing Chair of Trade Union Board; and Sian Porter, Outgoing Chair of Communications and Marketing Board.

About the awards

The Trust Fund has a long history of supporting the science and practice of dietetics through the promotion of national awards which recognise the excellent work carried out by many members. The Awards overseen by the Trustees are the Dame Barbara Clayton, Rose Simmonds and Elizabeth Washington.

Other Awards given to Members are for outstanding contribution to the activities of the BDA and promotion of Dietetics. These include;

BDA Awards

Specialist Group of the Year
Branch of the Year
Media Spokesperson of the Year
Trade Union Representative of the Year
Ambassador of the Year
Honorary Associate

BDA Honours


Information on the General and Education Awards can be found on the BDA Website

Information on the BDA Awards can be found on the BDA Website

Information on the BDA Honours can be found on the BDA Website

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