NHS Trusts being balloted (February 2023)

Vote yes in strike ballot, says BDA

The BDA National Executive Committee is asking members to vote yes to strike action, as a last resort in the campaign for a decent pay award for the year 2022/23.

What's it like to volunteer for a specialist group?

Chloé McMurray and Lisa Corrigan describe how volunteering with the BDA Critical Care Specialist Group as Social Media Officers is helping the group to reach new audiences.

BDA increases membership fees for 2023/24 - what this means to you

BDA Board of Directors has approved the membership fees for the coming financial year commencing 1 March 2023. This includes a small increase on the 2022 fees; here is why your Board came to this decision and what it means to you as a member.

Could you join our England Board?

We’re excited to announce that the BDA’s England Board is recruiting three new members. Learn more about what this role entails and the experiences of its members.

Ongoing disputes make it impossible to submit evidence to NHS PRB

Health unions, alongside the BDA, won’t be submitting joint evidence to the NHS pay review body (PRB) for the next wage round while the current industrial disputes remain unresolved.

Get set for Fibre February

The BDA and corporate partners are backing an industry campaign aimed at getting UK consumers to boost their fibre intakes

Do well-known hangover 'cures' work?

Dr Duane Mellor looks at some common myths about alcohol, and whether some of the well-known hangover 'cures' have any evidence behind them.

How can a dietitian help support those with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome?

Dietitian Chloe Hall looks at Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), how it can be treated and how a dietitian can help. 

Dietitians across the UK urge the public to avoid the diet rush this January

As we head into the post festive New Year, New You territory, the BDA and our member dietitians are urging the public to say No Thank You to fad diets.

Scotland Pay Award – NHS Dietitians accept latest offer

Following consultation, members of the BDA in Scotland have agreed to accept the most recent NHS pay offer from the Scottish Government.

SENR Registrants do extraordinary things...

SENR Registrant James Moran utilised his skills and knowledge for an altogether different purpose than helping pro cyclists to maximise their performance - he helped fuel Kevin Sinfield's "Ultra 7 in 7 Challenge".

The future of the UK food environment, an aligned approach

KIND®, in partnership with the BDA, hosted a roundtable to bring together a diverse group of experts to share insights on the current food landscape, discuss policies that encourage healthy eating, and identify opportunities to support the UK population increase consumption of recommended foods to meet dietary guidelines.

Research Symposium 2022 is a success!

The BDA Research Symposium returned in person for the first time since 2019 on Wednesday 7 December, with over 130 delegates joining us for our annual event showcasing the breadth of research across dietetics.

Why 30+ year olds need to focus on lowering their cholesterol levels... the lived experience with the UCLP

Juliette Kellow RD looks at HEART UK's Ultimate Cholesterol Lowering Plan© .

Gut health – raising the awareness of Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes

Anna Pettit explains how she has seen an increase in complex gut conditions in her caseload.

Five practice-based learning (placement) tips for RD2Bs

Practice-based learning (placement) can be a stressful, but amazing time. There can be a lot of pressure to achieve and be the best but at the end of the day we’re only students and here to learn! Here are a few tips I’ve learnt from my practice-based learning (B placement) to help things run a little more smoothly and spend more time enjoying than stressing!

A day in the life of a First Contact Dietitian

In this article, we hear what a day might look like as a First Contact Dietitian.

Volunteering in Dietetics as a student

Jean Langford is in her first year studying Dietetics after a career change. She shares how volunteering has helped her to understand more about being a Dietitian and working with other healthcare professionals.

British Dietetic Association suspends industrial action ballot in Scotland

The British Dietetic Association (BDA) has suspended the current industrial action ballot of its NHS members in Scotland in order to consult on the revised pay offer of an average increase of 7.5% received today following intense negotiations this week.