BDA Critical Care Specialist Group COVID-19 Best Practice Guidance: Enteral Feeding in Prone Position

Best practice guidance developed by the BDA Critical Care Group for feeding patients while in the prone position.

NNNG Advice and Guidance on Management of Nutritional Support

Advice and guidance produced by the National Nurses Nutrition Group, with support from BDA PENG, on the topic of nutrition support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Diet Sheets

Food Allergy Specialist Group Diet Sheets

Older People Store Cupboard A4 Flier

A list of key food items particularly good for an older person who may be at risk of malnutrition.

Home Enteral Nutrition Top Tips

Top tips from the BDA Parenteral and Enteral Feeding Specialist Group (PENG) as a refresher for dietitians.

Vitamin B12 and bariatric surgery - advice during COVID19

For people who have had bariatric procedures which affect vitamin B12 absorption.

BDA statement on avoidable contact and use of technological solutions during COVID-19 pandemic

The BDA sets out a clear position on avoiding unnecessary face-to-face contact and using technology to increase safety during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Carer information: Eating and drinking at end of life

Advice for dietitians to use with families and carers about those that may be approaching the end of their life.

BDA Template Supermarket Letter for patients with specialist diets

For BDA members, a template letter designed to be shared with patients to help them access vulnerable person hours at supermarkets.

Renal Nutrition Group guidance on management of renal nutrition and dietetic services during the COVID-19 pandemic

Guidance from the BDA Renal Nutrition Group, designed to maximise the safety of patients accessing renal services and renal dietetic staff.

Best practice sharing to support paediatric dietitians

Useful best practice insights gathered from various paediatric dietetic departments, collated by BDA Paediatric Specialist Group

Manual of Dietetic Practice Resources

Enteral Tube Feeding: Online Training Resources from manufacturers

A variety of free resources to support you in developing competency and understanding around enteral feeding.

Nutrition in Critical Care elements of PENG Pocket Guide

Copies of the Nutrition in Critical Care elements of the PENG Pocket Guided made available to download for all BDA members.

Medical Nutrition Company Contacts

A list of contact details for medical nutrition companies if dietitians need to contact them.

Parenteral Nutrition Top Tips

Top tips from the BDA Parenteral and Enteral Feeding Specialist Group (PENG) as a refresher for dietitians.

Recommendations for action by dietitians supporting care agencies working in older people’s own homes

Advice for dietitians working with care agencies that are working with older people in their own homes

Recommendations for community action by dietitians for older and vulnerable people living in their own home

Guidance created by the BDA Older People Specialist Group on discharging medically fit older people into the community.

Recommendations for community action by dietitians supporting care homes

Guidance on residential care provision recommends care homes minimise non-essential visiting during the national COVID-19 outbreak.

Digital Tools: Rapid Implementation

Practical advice for dietitians and support workers on how to implement remote consultations rapidly and efficiently.

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