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As part of our provision of quality assured education and continuing professional development programmes for both dietitians and dietetic support workers, the BDA has developed a wide range of classroom-based training courses.

These one or two day courses are delivered by highly experienced facilitators either at the BDA Classroom in Birmingham or via our UK franchise centres, based with NHS Trusts and Higher Education Institutions. This CPD activity helps members to update their professional skills and knowledge base and also provide an opportunity for delegates to network with other BDA members, share best practice and provide mutual support.

Courses are provided to suit those at different levels of the career framework, although following a BDA member survey, the target audience for courses in specialist areas of dietetic practice has changed from entry to specialist level.

Course topics and structure

BDA Classroom courses are delivered using a blended learning approach, with pre-course modules delivered online via the BDA Learning Zone which precedes a day of face to face instructor-led training in the BDA Classroom.

A range of programmes are also offered to provide formal training for dietetic support workers (DSW). Three separate (core) modules can be taken individually or to form part of a broader DSW Award. There is also a supplementary module for those working with groups of individuals / service users.

Professional Development Award

The BDA also continues to run the successful Professional Development Award (PDA), as well as offering support and guidance for those re-entering the profession or wishing to register from overseas.

A range of programmes are offered to provide formal training for dietetic support workers. These have been developed into a Dietetic Support Worker Award. There are four core modules and one supplementary module. Delegates that complete three or more modules will be awarded a full award certificate.

Course topics and learning outcomes

All BDA courses have clearly defined learning outcomes where the target audience is specified to explicitly link BDA courses with Dietetic Career Framework levels for clarity.

See below for a list of our courses and their target audience.

Key: Dietetic Support Worker (DSW); Assistant Practitioner (AP); Entry Level Dietitian (EL); Specialist Dietitian (SD); Advanced Dietetic Practitioner (ADP); Returners to Practice (R2P), Other Health Professionals (HP)


Personal effectiveness skills

Business and leadership skills

Quality Assurance

There are a number of quality processes the BDA employs to ensure we deliver quality assured education

Course development is conducted by a relevant specialist (either a BDA Specialist Group, an advanced practitioner or an educationalist). The course is then assessed by a CPD assessor and processed through BDA endorsement.

Delegate feedback is then collected post course and a substantial review is undertaken every two years, or when a major change to practice is introduced.

Facilitate BDA Classroom

The BDA commissions dietitians to run BDA Classroom courses. Individuals must have both the knowledge of the area of dietetics being delivered and significant teaching or course facilitation experience.  

All materials are provided, although our facilitators are able to make minor adjustments as best suits their preferred delivery style. Payment is £395 per day plus travel expenses. 

Facilitators and speakers are required to have previous teaching experience and are currently working at an advanced level in the required course specialism.

To find out more, please contact us.

Group training

Sending multiple staff on one programme can be costly, particularly when travel costs are factored in and it can be difficult to release staff on a date pre-determined by the BDA.

The BDA offers departments an alternative option, the opportunity to purchase our BDA Classroom based courses to be delivered at their own Trust to their own staff members*. Courses are run by a BDA approved facilitator, and this is included in the purchase price.

There are many benefits to this option, including:

  • Courses can be run at dates convenient to the department
  • Departments would not incur staff travel costs
  • Overall cost savings to the department
  • Negotiation between department and facilitator in order to tailor the format of events to suit an individual department’s requirements
  • Team dynamics and the opportunity to agree strategies for implementing the knowledge into practice

The purchase cost of a facilitated BDA Classroom course is £945 plus facilitator travel expenses.

* It is the responsibility of the purchaser to provide the venue.

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